So this was supposed to be simple but I got carried away oops. 
Question: what kind of posts do you guys want to see on this account?


So this was supposed to be simple but I got carried away oops. Question: what kind of posts do you guys want to see on this account?

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thx for the advice boo💝
hey how was your test
Stunning ❤
I can try...but no promises
you’re welcome....jakes being a real dxck to Kaiden
and I got yelled at
yeah at Kaiden but what did I do
yeah he never liked the idea of dating and he hxtes when we kiss in front of him so we do it on purpose sometimes....he’s also probably mad that Kaiden slept in my room last night
um I’m 14....
15 in July
yeah and I mean hickeys don’t help either....
what do you mean boundaries like I know what the word means but boundaries of what kind
me and Kaiden have never had sxx I mean we kiss and stuff but that’s it and most of the time we do respect what Jake wants I just get so annoyed with the fact that I’m like not aloud to kiss my boyfriend in front of him so I do it sometimes
he’s just overprotective and probably doesn’t like to think of his little sister like that but like he kisses his girlfriend in front of me
yeah that makes sense he needs to like be ok with me and Kaiden being alone together like tf does he think is going to happen
yeah that makes sense but like I’m not going to be 14 for ever
yeah Jake always tells me that I may not be 14 forever but I will be his little sister forever so to him I’ll always be little
I mean it makes sense I get it I do and I mean Kaiden is worse the Jake with his sisters like he’s way more overprotective of them
I think you and Jake would get along really well....
hahaha you really like him don’t you I mean like friend wise not anything else
Jake’s being so sweet to me it’s weird....
yeah he likes you like as a friend and I think Jake is just afraid that I’m worried that him being a dad will mean that I don’t get enough attention from him or something which I know wouldn’t happen
yeah I have and I talked to jake...
better then I thought honestly
yeah he’s just doesn’t want me to grow up
I got fxcking cat called when I was on a walk with Kaiden and Jake earlier....
I mean they yelled at the guy I’m surprised they didn’t beat the śhxt out of the guy honestly
yeah between the two of them I have someone protecting me all the time which I don’t mind
honestly it is....I think jakes going to propose to grace
oh grace is his girlfriend
I don’t know I think Kaiden knows but Jake won’t tell me when
yeah I did draw it....and I know I wish he would tell me
yeah I will be surprised when he does it
I’m excited but I don’t know I don’t want jake to forget about me
yeah, what is being a dependent mean
oh oh yeah yeah um we don’t live with our parents
yeah I don’t know why I’m worried I’m being stupid
Jake will probably understand the way I feel I mean he was a only child for almost five years until I came along
Kaiden hit me yesterday....
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