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hi! so do you have any ideas for our collab or collages you've beben inspired by lately?
I kind of wanna do a 70s themed collage
kind of like @halodreams (i remixed it
oooo that's super cool!
i'm all in for that theme! do you prefer bg or text?
i want to do bg because i don’t do it very often in collabs, but i’m not always the best
so what do you prefer?
i don't have a preference! you can make the bg if you want ☻
okay! i’ll show you when I’m done
sounds good!
so I remixed it, I like it but I want it to either be lighter or look more old times like
do you like it?
yessss!!!! it's awesome!
and i have the perfect filter for it let me add a tiny bit of text and the filter and i'll remix it here!
hey, idk if you saw my comment but I really like it!
yes yes i saw it sorry i've forgetter to check this chat page!
when would you be ready to post?
now is fine!
can we wait till tomorrow to fit it in with my posting schedule?
like you can post it anytime tomorrow if that's ok?
yeah sure!
I can post now right?
even tho we don’t know each other i’m glad we became friends on here!! your account is so beautiful! i can’t wait for your next post ❤️✨
Omg! Hey everyone! It’s me, Lauren, but my account is @rainbow-waves. I haven’t been very active as i play travel softball and have been on vacations and at tournaments. As school is starting, and softball is slowing down, I am thinking that I am going to start posting! I will come up with a schedule to post as well as posting on my extras (maybe still not sure). Please share this and share my account so i can build my friends I’ve made on PicCollage and everyone is aware that I am coming back! Thanks ❤️❤️Lauren @rainbow-waves
Hi! I don’t know 🤷‍♀️ if you like Harry Potter, but if you do, sign up for my Harry Potter CONTEST
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