Collage by YellowHearts


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Aye I’m Asher
I’m swell and you
well maybe you’d like some company?
*smiles and nods going to sit on the couch* wanna watch a movie angel?
*grins softly and smiles* you’re adorable
you’re welcome pretty girl *smirks softly and grabs the remote* what would you like to watch?
of course mamas *smiles and puts it on wrapping my arm around you*
*smiles and kisses your head holding you close as I play with your hair*
Baby wanna sit on my lap? *rubs your arm softly*
*smiles and slowly pulls you onto my lap kissing your shoulder* much better, yes?
*rubs your thighs softly*
yes angel? *rest my hands on your thighs*
*grins and softly kisses your shoulder holding you close to me*
*smiles and holds you close wrapping my arms around you*
*moves my hand to your and rubs them watching the movie*
*rubs up your thigh placing a kiss on your shoulder*
*kisses up to your neck rubbing more* you okay princess?
from what baby? *kisses your cheek gently*
*smiles and continues rubbing your thighs smiling* you mean like this?
*smiles and gently presses a kiss against your neck and rubs slowly* want me to stop angel?
*smirks softly and rubs all the way up your thighs kissing on your neck*
*smiles and kisses your cheek* you okay babygirl?
what feels weird baby?
*smirks softly* Angel has a little situation?
Would you like for me to take care of your little situation? *tucks your hair behind your ear*
*smirks and picks you up* upstairs we go them
*goes upstairs*
hi Babygirl
*grins softly and pats my lap*
*pecks your lips softly*
how’d you sleep baby?
Hey mamas
How was your day?
why baby?
like sick angel?
oh baby *picks you up and wraps your legs around my waist* lets get you to bed then so I can take care of you, yes?
*kisses your head and takes you upstairs*
*goes into the room and lays you down tucking you in*
*lecks your lips softly before going downstairs*
*goes Into the kitchen and makes you soup*
*comes back up after making a glass of orange juice*
*smiles sets the stuff down kissing your head*
hey hun
I miss you to babygirl, lemme make a temp bio for us to chat, yes?
comment on the remix mamas
hi babygirlllllll
i missed you to kitten🥺
is it pending baby
😂oh mamas
i was just saying the same about you baby😉
want them off? *laughs softly watching you*
*chuckles and undoes my pants pulling them off leaving my boxers on*
*chuckles and holds your waist mocking your pout* want something baby?
*thinks for a moment as a grin appears on my face* ahhh, well then get upstairs
*smirks softly as I follow you upstairs*
you wanna stay dressed up?
oh okay *chuckles softly and nods sitting on the bed* okay baby
*lays back on the bed waiting*
*sits up and smirks looking your body over* I think blue is now my favorite color
well you are *grins and flips over ontop of you* my princess only, got it?
good, now let daddy turn you into a pleasureful mess
*nods and sits up* where is it?
*grins softly and grabs it handing him to you*
*hovers back over you as I kiss your lips nodding*
*kisses you deeply as I hold your wrist as you move it down*
*sxcks on your tongue and moves your down*
*keeps your hand on my v-line as I kisses down to your neck*
*kisses your neck leaving marks as I press against your hand*
*slips my hand into your panties*
*rubs your clxt*
*slides a finger in you*
*pumps my finger fast*
*pumps them faster watching you*
hey baby
you okay mamas?
okay baby *opens my arms laying on the bed*
Hey babygirl
thank you babygirl
*smiles and kisses your head*
baby i missed you
I missed you to babygirl🥺
*hugs you back kissing your head*
*laughs softly picking you up* i missed my pretty little kitten more
yes I did *kisses your nose*
yes *nods going upstairs*
*lays you down and kisses your head* wanna wear daddy’s shirt?
*smiles and slips my shirt off going into the closet*
*goes into the closet and slips off my pants changing into shorts as I come back to you laying next to you*
*smiles holding you and gently running a hand through your hair*
*continues running a hand through your hair*
*kisses your head softly*
good morning kitten x
how’d you sleep babygirl?
*smiles and kisses your head* I was thinking maybe we could go get donuts
alright go get dressed baby
*smiles and watches you as I stretch before standing up*
*goes and grabs a pair of grey sweats and a hoodie slipping then on*
*smiles and slips on my shoes before turning around and kissing your head*
*smiles and kisses you back before following you back down*
*grabs the keys and my wallet with my phone* ready princess?
alright baby Cmon *holds my hand out*
*opens the door for you*
*walks out behind you kissing your hand gently*
*smiles and walks to the car opening your door*
hi kitten
how was your day kitten?