✨Collab with -LittleSunflower-✨
✨QOTD: What colour are your eyes and hair?✨
✨AOTD: Eyes: blue&green mix✨Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights✨
✨Make sure you join in on my Icon Contest✨

564x375 -OceanBreeze-

✨Tap✨ ✨Collab with -LittleSunflower-✨ ✨QOTD: What colour are your eyes and hair?✨ ✨AOTD: Eyes: blue&green mix✨Hair: Light brown with blonde highlights✨ ✨Make sure you join in on my Icon Contest✨

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Wowwww this is beautiful
omg gorgeous
AOTD: brown eyes and black hair and u must be so pretty!
and ur welcome
AOTD: very light brown easy but in the light I have green in them and have very light brown hair with blonde natural highlights
Awwww thanks:) I just really like your collages and all ur collages always give me some kind of inspiration.
And always a good vibe😝🔥
Your welcome
this is B E A U T I F U L!! would you like to collab?
this is beautiful
AOTD: my hair is brown and my eyes are hazel
aotd: eyes green Nd brown mix/ hair brown with blond highlights
aotd: eyes: hazel, hair: blonde
gorgeous 🤩
Really that's funny:) I can do the bg and quote and you could do the text and finishing touch ups if you want:)
so pretty😍
awww ur welcome ❤️😘
YOU TOO!!! 💕 💕
I love the color turquoise. What theme do you think we should do
hey! is our collab finished yet? I’m just wondering (sorry if I’m annoying)take your time!
ok I'll start working on it. It might take awhile, but I'll get it to you as soon as I can:)
OMG YESSS I’d love to too Maddie!!
do u wanna find the background and quote or do the text and pngs?
Oh my word thank you so much for the icon I love it I'm so gonna use it:)
aw ty! and yeah, that’s great! :)
anything is fine!
yeah of course I'll give you credit for it on our collab when we post it thanks again:)
ok great! :)
your collage for my battle of collages is due soon!! 🥳
hey I’d love if you could find the time to join my battle of collages I’m hosting thanks!💕 (sorry for the copy and paste)
re:// yea np :)
Hey I just finished it I hope you like it just tell me if you want anything changed
Amazing!!!! AOTD: eyes: dark/light brown and hair: dark brown with light brown highlights
thank you
heyo Maddieeeeee hows it been?
your on the ocean team and you have to scroll down a bit to find it 😂
Hey are you soon done with the text no rush I know your working on a lot of collabs just checking in:)
adorable + ty!
Hey don't worry about it when ever it's finished we will post it weather it's this week or next it doesn't matter:)
Yass ok
of course
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tysm 💓 beautiful
I’m alright, on spring break rn. hbu?
cool! I have so many tests to make up for bc I was gone last week during school as well 😑
Love this! AOTD: eyes: dark brown, hair: brown with purple tips
are you gonna to do a face reveal?!
congrats on the feature Maddie! you totally deserve this
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BEAUTIFUL!!! AOTD: Eyes: blue-green, Hair: blondish
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congrats on the feature
aotd: brown and dark brown
wow! amazing xx this made my day, congrats on the feature
AOTD: Hair: Light Brown & Eyes: Brown
soo beautiful!
it’s a buety
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so cute xx
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omg!! this is awesome! congrats on the feature xxx
love this ❤️
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what are you talking about
that quote is very true
I agree! Very awesome!
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wow! you are so talented! love this!
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this looks amazing