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sometime this week *looks at you*
*shakes my head*
a boy
I don’t know *looks down*
isn’t one of Rosa’s babies named Cameron?
hmmmm he’s having your surname
yes *smiles*
oooo fancy
*looks at you*
yes please
*smiles and gets up*
*nods* lead the way
*follows you*
*walks in and looks around smiling*
*nods* it’s amazing
baby *turns and looks at you*
*hugs you* thank you
*winces and grabs my stomach*
*leans my head against your chest as my waters start to break* I -I think I peed
what’s happening *holds my stomach*
*closes my eyes breathing deeply*
*gets in and buckles*
*lays my head against the seat*
owe we
*breathes deeply closing my eyes*
*has a contraction*
*gets out*
I can’t do this
*shakes my head closing my eyes *
*breathes heavily*
*starts to push*
*squeezes your hand hard pushing and starts to cry*
*breathes heavily and pushes again *
*squeezes your hand hard again crying pushing*
*pushes hard*
*leans into you*
*looks up at you* (I don’t mind)
*kisses you back*. *cries*
*hugs you*
I love you
*kisses you back*
you sure*looks up at you*
*goes upstairs *. *sleeps*
*gets into bed*. *sleeps*
*sleeps cuddling a pillow*. *starts to wake up *
*sleeps*. *rubs his eyes and starts crying *
*sleeps*. *cries*
*sleeps*. *looks at you*
*sleeps* *looks at him*
*starts to wake up*. *looks at you and tries to smile*
*sits up*. *rubs eyes*
*looks around*. *falls asleep*
*sighs*. *sleeps*
*shakes my head* nothing
*opens my arms*
*curls into you*
*stays close to you*
*lays my head on your chest*
*mumbles quietly* I love you
*looks down playing with the sleeves of my hoodie *
no you will get mad
*shakes my head* you will be mad
*tears up*
*gets off your lap*
*goes and sits facing the wall*
*shakes my head*
*shakes my head putting my head against the wall*
I don’t want to be alone.....
don’t let me go back there please *tears up*
*looks at my hands*
*tears up*
*doesnt look at you*i lost people and was stupid
*shakes my head*
*goes quiet*
*tears up*
*gets up and walks to you*
*hides my head in your shoulder *
I’m sorry
I love you...
*kisses you back*
it’s okay handsome
I’m okay, you?
*hugs you*
*takes your hand and walks into the nursery*
*smiles*. *notices you* dada *waves*
*watches and sits down*. *crawls to you and sits at your feet reaching up* up
*smiles*. *pokes your nose* nose
*giggles*. *claps hands* yayyyy
*looks at him knowing what he will say*. baby
*looks up at you and nods*. baby in there dada
*smiles*. baby for me
*smiles*. *pouts* but for me. for my fwend
*looks at you*. *nods* mine
*smiles* *claps hands*
*smiles*. eyes
*smiles*. my mommy
*giggles* my dada
*gets up* head
*goes to the bathroom*. hair
*puts my hair up*. yay
*sits by the toilet*. no
*leans on the toilet*. nap time
*sits there*. *smiles*
*gets lightheaded*. *curls up*
*leans against the wall*. *nods*
*stays against it*. *kisses your nose* night dada
*shakes my head*. *starts to sleep*
*realises I’m bleeding and starts to panic *. *sleeps*
*panics*. *sleeps*
*is sat in a pool of blood*. *sleeps*
b-baby *panics*. *sleeps*
y-yes *cries in pain*. *sleeps
it hurts *cries*. *sleeps*
*cries holding my stomach* I’m scared baby. *sleeps*
*stands up holding my stomach* (Peyton). *sleeps*
*puts a towel on the seat and sits down*. *sleeps*
*holds my stomach*. *sleeps*
*cries*. *sleeps*
*leans into the seat*. *sleeps*
*holds it and cries*. *sleeps*
*unbuckles*. *sleeps*
*looks at you* I’m scared. *sleeps*
*holds your hand*. *sleeps*
*walks in*. *slee
*stays close to you *. *sleeps*
*sits down*. *sleeps*. (yeah)
*looks at you*. *sleeps*
*nods small and gets called*. *sleeps*
*nods*. *sleeps*
*walks into the room*. *sleeps*
*sits on the bed*. *sleeps*. *does some tests*
*waits*. *sleeps*. ill be back soon i need to examine these
*looks down*. *sleeps*. *goes and works on the test*
*smiles*. *sleeps*. *comes back in* im so sorry you have had a miscarrage im am sorry for your loss sray here as long as you need ill be outside if you have any questions
*tears up pulling my knees to my chest*. *sleeps*. I’m so sorry *walks out*
*stares at the wall*. *sleeps*
I - I’m sorry *keeps it in*. *sleeps*
*nods and hides my face in your chest*. *sleeps*
*cries quietly*. *sleeps*
*stays close to you crying* I’m so sorry. *sleeps*
Can we go home please? *sleeps*
*picks up Peyton*. *sleeps*
*walks out*. *sleeps*
*gets to the car*. *sleeps*
*gets in*. *sleeps*
*says quietly* what do we tell Peyton?
*nods*. *sleeps*
*looks out the window*
I’m sorry
*looks out the window*
*looks out the window*
*gets out and gets peyton*
*walks in* thank you*
*carries Peyton upstairs*
*puts him in his crib*
*goes into our room and gets into bed*
it’s okay
*hugs you tight*
*hugs you*
*shakes my head* I’m okay
I just missed you
*opens my arms*
*hugs you*
I’m sorry
*looks down* losing the baby...
*tears up*
*looks up at you*
*nods small*
*puts my legs around your torso gently*
*kisses you back*
I love you too
*lays next to you*
*cuddles into you*
*tears up looking down*
my body killed our child
*looks down*
*shakes my head*
you should
I just don’t know how to feel
*looks up at you*
I love you too
*nods* Peyton 1 next week
*pouts* I know
*kisses your cheek* you are not old
*looks at you*
you aren’t old baby
*looks at you* that’s not old
*kisses you*
I love you
*looks at you*
*pouts* don’t make me feel small
*pouts looking up at you*
*wraps my legs around your torso*
*lays my head on your shoulder *
I don’t know *thinks*
*thinks*. *walks and sees you* dada
*whispers to you* I ummm I haven’t told him *hugs your leg*
I know I just don’t know how *sighs*. *smiles*
*nods and gets down going downstairs *. dada *smiles*
*sits downstairs*. otay*looks at you*
*looks around*. where is baby?
*stays downstairs *. *points up* up there?
*thinks*. is mommy otay?
*curls up on the couch and turns on the tv*. *nods*
*watches the tv* *goes and gets some shoes*
*watches*. *puts them on and gets a jacket and walks to you*
*watches*. *follows*
okay be safe *watches*. bye mommy *reaches for your hand*
*watches*. in car
*watches* be safe I love you. *walks out* bye mommy
*goes upstairs*
*gets into bed*
*looks out the window*
*gets into bed*. *looks out the window* baby okay now daddy?
*curls up*. baby happy
*starts to fall asleep*. *nods*
*gets up and locks the doors*. *looks around*
*goes back upstairs and into bed*
*cuddles into bed*. *holds your hand* flowers
*starts to sleep*. *follows*
*sleeps*. they pretty
*sleeps*. ummm I don’t know
*sleeps*. *nods*
*sleeps*. *points to one*
*sleeps*. *nods*
*looks at them all*
yes pwease
*follows you*
*tries to open my door*
*climbs in*
thank you
*hugs you*
I’m sorry I was really sick
you okay?
*looks up at you*
you sure?
*nods* okay
*hesitates then kisses you back*
*nods* I just don’t want you getting sick
because I was sick like really badly ill
*nods* okay
*shakes my head*
nope I’m good
*lays next to you*
*lays my head on your chest *
*closes my eyes*
*stays close all I’ve done is sleep
but it’s boringggg
*looks up at you*
I don’t wanna be sick anymore
*nods small*
*lays in bed*