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*continues to run his fingers through out your hair*
*smiles and finishes putting the dye in* ok now your gonna want to take a shower
yeah but your gonna want to take a shower once your done*
30 minutes
you sure are * smiles and leans on the counter*
sing it *chuckles softly*
you sound lovely
ok I think it’s been thirty minute you want to hop in the shower for me
I guess if you want
do you have a swimsuit
you could just wear that if you wanted
ok whatever *smiles and playfully hits your arm* I’m here don’t worry just fell asleep
*waits for you to get out*
*smiles softly and hands you a towel for your hair*
*points at the mirror* it’ll look better when it’s dry
*nods and gets it out from under the sink and hands it to you* yep
yep yep yep *smiles softly* he’ll love it
*hugs you softly* go get em girl *laughs at himself*