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hey uh I’m claire?
*opens my arms* come here reed
*holds you tightly* yep i am
I’m just okay
well we broke up ig
hugs you as my pregnant belly pokes u- I’m sorry
this feeling ain’t fine .
don’t apologize 😂
i dated Levi 😂😂
trust me . i’m fully aware 😂
he treated me like shii. left me pregnant 5 times. idc
he left me once in high school and once for Macy when i wasn’t pregnant
he’s always been fine without me and he will be now
doesn’t surprise me - he’ll have 10 new baby mommas by Saturday
i don’t give a fxck
ok sweetheart
ima go to bed
night reed
i’m sorry about what Levy said about you
bc your friends with me
don’t let Levi tell you differently
yea bc i’m talking to you 🙄
then why
wait when??
holy shii
you shouldn’t of done that .. i just shattered his heart
it’s all fake 😂
i forgot y’all dated ... dayum so he’s only dating her to get back at you?? and idk i didn’t look 😂
i don’t think he truly likes her he’s just saying that
he’ll never look at a girl like the way he looks at me
can we stop talking about my ex fiancé
why didn’t you tell me sooner
you still could’ve told me - we’ve broken up times before this
Red you still should’ve told me . or at least told him sooner .. i don’t even know what to say to you anymore
everyone keeps stuff and lies to me . it’s fine
sure dork *hugs you*
*slaps your ahh laughing*
no? i’m pregnant
*goes upstairs* i’m going swimming
you can come *changes into a bikini*
ooo lemme seee *comes downstairs holding my belly*
*runs my fingers over it as my txts are hanging out my bikini* i like it dork
*takes my txts out* there
sorry thought you’d like it *puts them back in going outside*
*shrugs going to swim*
he makes me so angry
i don’t even care anymore
gets out as the water runs down my body* can i get you anything?
*goes and gets you a bottle of water*
mhm *hands it to you*
do you mind if i tan my txts?
takes off my top spraying tanning oil on them laying down*
*glances over at you* what?
i’m going skinny dipping *takes my bikini thong off jumping in the water.8
ur boring
you could do other stuff? i got out to tan with you and you didn’t even talk *laughs swimming*
thanks *gets out drying off*
wow. *leaves*
seriously? that was rude . why lie
pls leave me alone . i’m done with this account
i’m loosing my son .
*cries hard*
*hugs back* do you wanna met him before he gets taken?
if you want to be in mine life . Levison can’t ever be in yours
i mean that Reed
tell him now and i need proof before i let you back into my life
just text his cell phone
whatever Reed . goodbye
you even said you didn’t mean it Reed
i wasn’t asking you to compliment me, i wanted you to be my friend. And i have nothing to say to Levi but i don’t want him around me or my little boy Andrew
goodbye then
hey reed
goodbye Reed
hey Reed
what’s up sweetheart
can you help my son with baseball
my youngest that doesn’t belong to Levi
thank you *picks him holding him*
A - hii *waves holding onto mommy*
A - wes *nods hard*
mommy bought it *gets down running into his room getting an expensive bat and glove* see
*nods carrying them outside*
otay i gon be wike chu
otay wes go
*comes outside* y’all need anything? | no sir
alright *goes and grabs you a bottle water and fills his sippy cup with water* | *nods holding his bat like you*
ok yes sir
*hits it*
*missed it* noooo
otay *holds his bat back up*
*hits it hard giggling*
tanksss | good job baby *smiles picking him hugging him after i hand you a bottle of water*
yeah *smiles kissing his cheek then yours* you done for today bud? | noooo *giggles*
wes pwesze | reed you don’t have too
you don’t owe me anything Reed *sets him down* | *runs and hugs your leg*
i promise Reed *picks him back up* come on bud
*sets him inside coming back out* thank you Reed
i promise *places my hand on your cheek rubbing it with my thumb* i promise
thank you , i wish i would’ve known in high school
Levi would’ve punched your lights out, but can i do something ..
*kisses you deeply* (no)
*wraps my arms around you kissing*
*pulls away* fxck Reed
you’re good at that
thanks sweetheart, now let me get Andrew to bed. Enjoy the pool, i’ll be out in a second
*goes inside putting him to bed*
*comes back out in a neon pink bikini* hey Reed
*walks over to you*
*sits next to you putting my feet in*
really good honestly, you baby?
that’s good *slides into the pool* come on
swims away from you as my ahh hangs out of my thong*
*turns around checking you out* pull your swim trunks up baby
you’re gonna turn me on *rubs your vline*
unless that’s your plan *wraps my arms around your neck*
*laughs sliding my hand into your swim trunks*
let me see it daddy
Reed 🤩🥵
can i touch ..
*grabs it jerkinn*
*jerks harder*
*jerks faster and rougher*
yes please
*moans* mm goodness baby
*moans louder*
oh baby
*moans into your mouth*
*kisses your neck*
fxck fxkc fxck *screams*
*moans loudly*
*moans cxmming all over*
my mouth
*swallows it smiling*
it was yummy *smiles*
mm baby *smiles*
*pulls my thong up* whatcha wanna do now
want your dxck sxcked? or you wanna get in the hot tub
i miss you , i hope you’re okay
what are you waiting for..?
be safe baby *kisses you*
hurry home, i miss you
be careful please
are you okay? *runs downstairs*
go shower baby *smiles*
okay *walks upstairs as my ahh hangouts out my shorts*
*squeals holding on*
mmm fxck Reed
*smiles stripping*
*gets in*
*grabs the body wash*
I smiles washing my body*
baby *moans*
shii Reed
fxck Reed *moans loudly*
*cxms all over*
he told me i could go for you , Reed , come on *leans into you*
i don’t wanna be with him , i wanna take my chance with you
i wanna be your girl
Levi does too, what’s new
why are you saying this now , you’ve wanted me since high school and now you have me and you’re pushing me away *gets out the shower*
Then why can’t we be fxck buddies
kisses you*
can we fxck , please , you left me wet
k *goes downstairs
it’s fine
*lays on the couch drinking a beer*
*comes upstairs* i’m getting drunk, ok? okay *lays down handing you a beer kissing your neck*
okay *puts it on the table* you don’t have to be boring
you don’t wanna do anything with me , you used to be fun *leaves*
you don’t wanna do anything period
whatever Reed
i don’t want your kids, goodbye
Quit being a dxck . - Sawyer
First off . Don’t call me buddy . Second you’ve never given her a chance to like you . All you wanted was pxxsy . So you listened , you’re no better than Levi
stop being a dxck . bc you didn’t speak up in high school .
Levi told me to go for you Reed and you’re still not wanting me
no reason to be a bxtch .
I want more than sxx Reed . if you wanted to be friends you shouldn’t of led me on
i don’t want more but i said i would have yours if you wanted one
bc Levi acts like he’s the only person i’ll have babies for , i’m sorry
i don’t either but why the fxkc is everything about Levi . i swear i will leave . just chill out ; and be my friend. We’ve always been friends
you’ve changed in the past 24 hours. stop listening to Levi . he doesn’t own me Reed *changes into a bikini*
wanna go to the beach
whatever fxkc u . i’m leaving .
i know i’m such a hypocrite, but can we fxck
poor baby
fxck urself Logan
don’t talk to me
mister weed ! - Andrew
chu help with baseball
yayyyy !! *giggles* i no wike mommy boyfriend
no i wike chu
why i wike chu
i wan chu be my dada
he weft me
no he not
u mean
chu tan still be my dada
*runs inside* MOMMY HE BE MY DADAAAAAS | *looks at you* um he probably doesn’t want too buddy
buddy i don’t think so | YES PWESSE I BE WIKE HIM
you can still come play with him buddy
he be my dada den
i hxte chu!!! *runs to his room crying* | i’m sorry reedy
are you okay
u lying
u good
i’m sorry Logan
i’m here if you ever need me Lo
hey Reedy
he wants to see you ..
don’t feel bad . U have enough on your plate raising Elles child
well i don’t need your help . my son will learn to like my boyfriend
*sits on your mouth as i make out with reed jērking him off*