Also pumpkins I forgot to write that. 
This is my kinda weekly but not really blog post!

• 🎃 h a l l o w e ‘ e n 🎃 •

750x750 chasingravens

Also pumpkins I forgot to write that. This is my kinda weekly but not really blog post! • 🎃 h a l l o w e ‘ e n 🎃 •

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Nope! it doesn’t matter at all as long as you use one of those (it can be cut out). just make sure it’s visible
Yes! You can draw them! :)
ooooh interesting! Umm... this is awkward but I don’t recall going to a ted talk....? 😳😅😅
thanks for the follow 💙
I wish I celebrated Halloween but my dad says he doesn’t like how it started even though he celebrated it when he was a kid, but I like what we do, we shut off all the lights in our house lock the doors eat candy that my mom buys and watch a movie or two, or three🙃🙃❤️
love your account!
your review is up
ah I’m so sorry I would love to collab but I’m super busy with school, so maybe later?
I am going in my fursuit. And I have a neighbor who has 3 kids and wont let them trick or treat on Halloween because she thinks it is the devil's birthday.
And I celebrate Halloween by making pumpkins and giving out candy (and then eating it afterwords lol)
No, I’m not. Good guess though!
okay lets talk about what we want to do for the collab
Check out my last post! I’m having some trouble coming up with what I should do this week. I gave choices, so you can comment what you think. 😛👍🏼
I wanted to be Katniss Everdeen this year but we don’t celebrate holloween 🙃
also thank you so much for the follow
I got a mask but I think I’m gonna go home and just make something completely different for myself with the stuff I have!!!!!
cool costume!
i had no idea some believe it’s the devils birthday🤔
thx for the follow
I love Halloween
btw you probably dressed up as Napstablook from Undertale!!! yasssss
I love your account and these little blogs. I hope to see more of these blogs, i enjoy they very much. xo
my family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, can’t remember why but not because of the devil
OOOH WAIT. it’s because it teaches kids to think evil isn’t real when there is in fact evil out there