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no peeking✰✰


chat page @-disneyquotes24- no peeking✰✰

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hi what theme do you want to do?
well i was thinking disney😆
ok, well what’s your favorite movie?
also, do you want to do background or text?
i can do background
i like frozen, the little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin, and moana. you can choose from those!
i like those pngs
thanks and I think we should do the quote “tale as old as time”
here’s a clock png and a background option!
I also have a background idea for frozen also!
ooh i like the beauty and the beast one
for frozen i like the second one
ok, so which one do you want to do?
beauty and the beast
so do you want to start on background
i added the background
i added the png on it but we can do it differently!
ok love it! but you can also use some of the png’s I remixed earlier! (if you want)
ohhh ok i will redo it
you can also just save the collage you just made and then put the other stuff on it if that would be easier, and also I think we should also put some pictures of beauty and the beast on it too. Sorry for all the suggestions
its ok, love the input
i added some simple pngs...i didnt want to make it too crazy
love it! I’ll do text soon!
like it?
also, should we post it?
i love it!!
we can!
posting now!
im allowed to post it too?
yes an this was so fun!
maybe we should do it again!
good idea!!