Another poem by me 🙈💗
It’s really bad I know but I wrote it for my music composition. 🙈💗I actually really enjoy composing, I’m doing a song atm 🎶more collages on the way just thought I’d share ❤️


Another poem by me 🙈💗 It’s really bad I know but I wrote it for my music composition. 🙈💗I actually really enjoy composing, I’m doing a song atm 🎶more collages on the way just thought I’d share ❤️

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It's beautiful!
you’re welcome :)
thank you so much, Lauren! 💌🌷 I wasn’t sure about it, and I’m supposed to show it to my class tomorrow. we’re doing creative writing, and basically mine is a story about numbness. my inspiration was from last school year, we had three deaths in the span just less than a month 😔
one death specifically affected me
woahhh Lauren this is so beautiful!! I love it!! you’re super talented and ooo a song😱💞 haha do you play an instruments and good luck on revision haha that reminds me I gotta revise for my science test too
this is beautiful
OMG WOW! you are super talented 🤩
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This poem is soo good btw 😍😘
ahh so beautiful
@caption ahh help me i did so bad in my composing last term
OMG this is AMAZING! I love itttt! do you play an instrument? just wondering.
SO AMAZING LAUREN, you have a true talent
This is really good! 💛
thank you☺️wow i love this!❤️❤️
oh my goodness this layout is goals and the poem is breathtaking 🤩🤩 wow lauren you have so much talent ❤️❤️
this is so good!!
aww thank you your too sweet💜
*you're* and WOOOWWW this poem is BEAUTIFUL - you're crazy talented😱
wow Lauren this is beautiful your writing is amazing💓💓
contest results are up! check to see if you placed! 🤩💕🌿
AMAZING!!!! I wish I was this good at writing. I have to write a sonnet for English and I have no idea how I'm going to do it.
woahhhh I play piano too and fluteee!! I was going to learn clarinet but then decided on the flute💗 and yay for meeeee it’s easter!! so happy easter lauren💫💓
np + really?! i wouldn't have thought so because this is so good! happy easter btw
love it! multi talented queen🥰
ahaha my teacher didn't actually give my mark back but it was in the b span ahah
This poem is freaking incredible! 💖
aww you too lauren!! I hope you got filled with chocolate gifts 🎁🎉 and Yass ikr it’s so nice being able to plan a music instrument💛 do you know how to play guitar
yas I know I learnt bass guitar as a project for school last year but I forgot now cause I haven’t practiced it in ages😔 but hopefully if I have spare time I’ll try learn it again!! and aw goodnight ttyl
happy easter to you too! 💖🐣
ugh ikr ahaha
ok thank you so much for the tips Lauren. You are so amazing!
np :)
Thank you! 💞As do I. 🌸
hey it’s CountryGirl___ I made a new account. how have you been
so cute xx
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Thanks!! How are you
yes!!! 🙌😊 good luck!
love this so much btw😍
awww thank youu lauren!! and ahh I really want to!! school starts for me next week and ahh I’m stressing cause we have a test for nearly every single subject in the first 2 weeks of school!!
Ikr!!! It is so good!
amazing x
np!! and omg yes you shoulddd!! i haven’t written poetry in so long ahh maybe i should get back into it 🤩💓 hru? tysm! 🦋
awww you’re too sweet don’t worry i’ll still make you an icon i love doing it :) 💓
this is insanely inspiring!!! I luv it so much!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I don’t know what made me start a new account, I guess I just wanted to be apart of pic collage again but I needed a fresh start:)
how have you been💗
hey I was wondering if you wanted to collab!? all of your collages are so gorgeous and creative💕
hii lauren! just wanted to let you know that the bg and png packs and your icon is remixed on our previous collab 💘🤩 any ideas for this collab? ❤️🦋 hope you’re having a fantastic day 💓
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hey Lauren! what’s up? It’s been awhile. 💓
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omg thank you Lauren!! wow it’s been a while💘how is everything going?
waZzUp bro?😂❤️
aww I hope you get your inspo back soon💓and yaaa schools so stressful
haha it’s okay. TBH, I’m quite inactive too. 😂😂
heyyo how are youuu
I’m missing youuu
Lauren!!!! miss you heaps and heaps, hows life treating you? ps. this poem is beautiful
thank you so much lauren💘💘 have your summer holidays started?
ahhhh😂😂 our winter holidays start not next week but the week after but they are only for two weeks😢😫not as long as yours😂💖
ahhh ya I think we get around 1 and 1/2 months of Christmas holidays which is kinda like our summer holidays🤩💓 and yaaa school is super tough aha I’m mid way through year 10 wbu?
hey your really talented I was wondering if you could do my contest!? I remixed ur post
such an inspiring poem love it💙💙
can u all follow me I just started today and I only got three followers
I really need it
ausome suace
can you follow me
love it so much I just started my account and looking for inspiration like yours
this is lowkey rly good
love it!
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