inspired by @-Draiocht-,, i feel like i didn’t do her style justice, should i do another one?? other ver. in remixes!!

qotd: swim or cycle 
aotd: cycle 🌀


💿21.8.21💿 inspired by @-Draiocht-,, i feel like i didn’t do her style justice, should i do another one?? other ver. in remixes!! qotd: swim or cycle aotd: cycle 🌀

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Oohh this looks so cool!!
I love this haha
aotd: I never cycled before- so idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
aotd: hm that’s hard…im going to go w both lol
and i love how you did this!
hey I would love to get started on that collab if your ready
new posttt
I can do bg if that’s okay, I’m open to any esthetic, do you have any ideas
aW, this is so pretty!!! I love the quote and the theme!! :00 both versions look so nicee aaA
c: hey
y2k sounds great I can get working on some bg ideas if you like, any specific color schemes in mind or just generally y2k
I will probably some day 🥲 been meaning to learn but I don’t rlly have the time
Thank you 🥺💕
thank u sm
Thank you!!
ahh thank youuuu
re//: mhmhm, and yeS- a photo was posted of some people partying and George was in the background. I’m not sure if any other mcyt was involved, but he said it was for a private friend’s party and he knows it was irresponsible and apologised. to be fair tho, masks have become an optional thing here in the uk and there are literal festivals happening rn (one of the people I work with’s friends went this weekend) and loads of parties so,, I kinda personally don’t really see the problem but I understand other people might
^as long as they all tested negative for covid first, but everything has pretty much gone back to normal now, covid ain’t spoken about much anymore.. h
bBDBDGDB bruH I got a ‘yes lol’ in one conversation, then a spam of both laughing emojis pfF helP- recently I found responding to ‘ok’ with another ‘ok’ funny for some reason gdhdgdudg and that’s right actually, emojis do help convey the message, I kinda prefer tone indicators but emojis do help some people ig
emojis are more visually easier, if that makes sense- idk tho, I still don’t really like to use them lmaø
my parents don’t really care what grade I get, and I’m really thankful for that. they have supported me no matter what, it’s just I’m scared to let myself down. at the start of this year I made like super unrealistic goals for myself like ‘you’re gonna get high grades in every exam, assignment and then every class’ so when I get low-ish (the lowest I’ve got was only just a pass) grades I feel so terrible about myself which isn’t fun, h
ohhH- I’ve tried to catch up with lore during my summer, but tbh I feel as if I’m kinda tired of watching the same mcyt everyday, I feel like I’m slipping out of them fandom and idk what to do or how to feel about it- hhh- also, another lore update, I haven’t watched the stream but I’ve seen clips of Tommy and Sam blowing up The Egg, so uH yea
my parents are finding a bike for me to get😳
ahh thank ya!!