Hang on, Selena Gomez! A NEW SONG ALREADY?!


Tap Hang on, Selena Gomez! A NEW SONG ALREADY?!

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sure we could collab
can you make the chat page plz ???
ok we can use the past one
need to go now can't work on the collag right now maybe tmrw or later on
I’m sorry ok I will be sure to ask.
unfortunately none recently. haha but it’s okay
this is lovely!
hi there amazing collager!! hope you’re doing well!! just want to notify you that I’m currently holding an icon contest on my page for when I change my account name!! I would really appreciate it if you would contribute and make me an icon!! there will be some pretty cool prizes too!! anyway, sorry for the self ads and stuff but yeah.. enter if you like!! tyyy, Pippa x
okay, I will do!! xx👍❤️
aaawww tysm you have been there supporting me from the start luv you 💕💕💕
lol fish wasn’t an option😂😂
Aww thanks
But this is amazing
why thank you! I know!😂💞
but just saying the truth love❤️💖
Pinterest: ✰ s u n s h i n e ✰
Hey awesome collager!?!? can you please come join my icon contest? I would really like you to join! it’s on my main account (which is this one) please join! love you! 🙏😊😍🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
my Pinterest is ssummerlightss
can we collab
your account is so pretty
I love your edits
Round 3 for season games is up! come submit your entry, you’ve got 9 days. Good luck!!😊💕
yeah he did, he said that he didn’t want to be friends with me and that he’s already talking to a gurl named Eva. he’s been avoiding me and been giving me dirty looks along with Eva.
but I’ve moving on
thanks to all of my people, they gave me advise so I feel good