“💎pls read💎”
I know this is sort of bittersweet. I’m ecstatic to tell u all about the book release, but i’m also sad to say i’m leaving. But, i’ll always be grateful to you gems. I won’t forget GemQuotes, i hope u don’t either~💎


“💎pls read💎” I know this is sort of bittersweet. I’m ecstatic to tell u all about the book release, but i’m also sad to say i’m leaving. But, i’ll always be grateful to you gems. I won’t forget GemQuotes, i hope u don’t either~💎

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💎❤️thank u, rly. i never thought i could achieve such a great community, such an incredible place to thrive. and i got lucky with that. i hope u all continue creating and writing and growing and just LIVING. perhaps we’ll see each other again someday, somewhere different. if & when that happens, say hello! i will always say hi back. (P.S make some fish collages! honor the fish!🐠🐟❤️💎
I hope the rest of your journey is beautiful, you are such an inspiration and I’ve always loved your creativity, thank you so much for everything that you’ll leave here and we’ll miss you <3 (also I’m buying your book if it’s the last thing I do 🏃🏻‍♀️)
😭🥺💗I’m so happy for you, so proud that you found the courage to gather your poems into a book. I pray that you continue doing well. I will miss you so much!💗
gem: I’ve watched you grow for the past three years now, and you have blessed this community with so many masterpieces, and so many words. as you’ve watched me, I’ve also watched you, and I’m so so proud of how far you’ve come! A BOOK ON AMAZON ! THAT IS HUGE!!
I completely understand the need to move on, and I’m always going to support whatever you do! I hope life treats you amazingly well, because you deserve the world! you’re truly a diamond in the rough, and even in my darkest moments, you found a way to brighten my life. Wishing you the best, and if you ever open the app please come and say hi! Im going to miss you so much. ps: ill definitely go buy your book, saving up starting now!) 🤍 xx, Kat
man even your farewell was written so well 🤧
I am so happy for you! You have been a blessing in this community. You will surely be missed but I completely understand your decision. Your growth on pc was exponential and I can’t wait for what is next to come in your future! Always rooting for you and I wish you nothing but the best! ❤️
I always feel a bit at loss for words with things like this. I enjoyed every post of yours and it was amazing to read all your pieces of poetry. You have such a kind soul and I will miss the lovely energy you brought to this platform. It's insane to see you've put out your own book. You will go places, I'm sure of that. Thank you for being here. Wish you all the best for the future. Hope to speak to you again someday. So much love from me ❤❤
Also this is absolutely beautifully written. Even your goodbye feels poetic 🥺❤
firstly, this is beautifully written as always! you’ll be missed so much!! you were such a key member of PC! secondly, congrats on publishing a book; wow! that is literally amazing! if I was less broke I’d buy it haha…I’m thankful you made your poems accessible to read free here! 🙌:D good luck wherever life takes you and we’ll miss you!! 💗
gem the honor was all mine. I’m so thankful I got to meet you, and I really hope we can meet again. 😭 and yes pls do! I’d love to see you around still :)
we didn’t talk much, but ive always been so inspired by your poems and your collages. I truly hope you have so many good things ahead of you :) and a BOOK amazing literally amazing
Wow, what great news about the book, big big congratulations hug!! Wish you all the best 🙂💖☀️
I wish you the best in whatever great successes I know you’ll experience💛gbye gem
when I can, I definitely will buy your book! can’t wait for any future books you may write<3
oh stop i can’t even 🥲 i haven’t been on here in a hot sec too but reading this i can’t — like literally i feel like you’ve been here forever and i’ve gotten to watch you grow and improve sm !! i’m beyond proud of you and your book and i’m wishing you ALL the best w life xoxo ilysm <3
sad that you’re leaving babes, but I’m glad you’re pursuing your dreams. you’re an amazing writer and have such a beautiful perspective of the world. hope this new journey brings you much happiness 💗💕
i know you may not see this comment but: I hope you have an amazing life ahead of you, it is sad that you are leaving but the happiness is the excitement of something new.
omg gem ilysm stay safe <3
aww I’m glad your working to your dreams💕
i am obviously very very very late for this post and I honestly doubt you will see this anyways but gem, I wanna say thank you so much for being my greatest inspiration here on pc. like every single time I’m out of inspiration, your acc is the first that I’ll come to and now you’re leaving (left actually). I’m gonna miss you so much and im so lucky to have met you. to have even collab with you because you’re just so talented. I’ll try and buy your book if my parents will even allow me. you have blessed my shorter (compared to yours) journey on pc with your amazing masterpieces, I’ll never forget you and your fish collages and your amazing poems. we are all proud of you and I honestly hope that you will do well in the future. i wish you all the best and if you ever come back one day, please just say hi to me. im honestly shocked that you’re leaving but you told me once that whatever happens, happens. bad things may happen but good things will always come again. you told me that and I’m thankful for that. you will always be the biggest gem in this pc community <3
in this pc community <3 **
love ur book!!!
oh my gosh gem!! aww thank you, you too. have a great life ahead :)
hope you’re doing alright :)
you are such a gifted written and visual artist 💙 thank you for sharing your work with us
I was just recently thinking about some people that left pc, you included. Just seeing your name pop up, made me smile. Hope you're doing well 😊
Glad to hear that!! And yeah still going strong haha :)
it's been awhile and it juss makes me happy to see u exist again, how are u doin now? :)
hey how are you?
ahhh tysm :D
Hey I love your account so much and you seem super kind I know you left pic but if you every see this just know you are so beautiful and kind!! Hope we can be friends one day, you inspire me so much!!!!😊
omg tysm!!!
Thank you so much, your my idol on pic and I can't believe you responded to me, thank you so much again!!😊❤️