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gwen chose to meet at a random pumpkin patch because... pumpkins. 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
Sorry, I didn’t see this.
it’s okie
Liam met Gwen and the pumpkin patch and brought her some Flowers.
“This is for you Gwen.” he said handing her some sunflowers.
gwen grinned and took the sunflowers. “why thank you kind sir. sunflowers are my favorite...” she said wistfully.
“Not a problem.” he smiled. Gwen seemed nice so he was excited to get to know her better.
“sorry, this is kind of a random place for a date,” gwen glanced around and picked up a pumpkin “heh..”
“It’s cool! I’ve never been here before.”
gwen smiled. “you wanna carve one?” she asked, pulling out some carving tools.
“I’d love to!” he said excited
gwen jumped up and down and gave him a pumpkin and some tools. “careful, it’s sharp” she warned.
He smiled and started to carve
gwen carved a picture of a chinchilla. “*tongue click* noicee.” she nodded in approval.
He smiled. “This is fun!”
gwen nodded. “even though it’s not halloween, ha.”
“It’s cool here!”