Hey everyone! PicCollage won’t let me make collages right now, so I will only be posting pre- made collages until this bug is fixed. I like this style, but this may not be my best! Hope you like it though!😊💕

641x774 -seacritter-

🍑Tap🍑 Hey everyone! PicCollage won’t let me make collages right now, so I will only be posting pre- made collages until this bug is fixed. I like this style, but this may not be my best! Hope you like it though!😊💕

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in case anybody’s wondering why the watermark is overlapping, it is because I can only add 50 scraps to a collage so I had to take a photo and then add more things. so yeah😊💕
I’ll miss you so much too! *air hugs* it was nice knowing you!❤️
you were so kind
thank you
so much
do you have Pinterest?
thank you!!💜💜
aw thank you! that means so much x
well if you get it let me know
well when you figure out how to use it😂😂
I mean It’s easy tho
like you just have to make an acc
and etc but when you can just RMEMEBER my Pinterest is ssummerlightss
wow this is so stunning!! and yess they were amazing it’s sad they closed down :( my fave was wet n wild
ok 💗💗💗 and np
byeeee I’ll miss you sooo sooo much
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aww wow that’s so scary! I mean I guess all theme parks will always have a ride that’s faulty and old :( yesss OMGG you should definitely go to wet n wild sometime it’s amazing
woah this is so aesthetic ✨💗
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loool np
it’s ok! just do your best! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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And I’m so sorry I haven’t entered your season games! I’ve been so busy this week with 5 weeks!I’ll get my entry within tomorrow? But you can’t then I’m really sorry I just don’t have the time. 😕
* 5 tests
nppp! <333
Round 1 is up! Your task is to create a collage including a Polaroid png! No pre-mades! Due 12th November!
Aw hopefully you get through them? I know you’ll do well! And tysm yeah your games are calm tbh I think my games are quite strict don’t ya think since I want everyone to get there entry on time! 😂
Yup! I did
That’s fine! Just enter it within the time
it’s ok boo
Aw tysm! That’s so sweet of you bestieeee 🥰🥰🥰💖💖💖8️⃣8️⃣♥️
Aww tysm bestie! That’s so sweet!
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that sounds amazing! im glad you like it..🦋
tysm!! yours is too!!!💕💕
sorry I wasn’t ignoring it I just didn’t know wanna post
no I love it we can post I will post it now
Thank you so much! It means a lot that you would do that 😄
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The channel name is ReimagineAesthetic PicCollage just Incase you forgot the PicCollage part
I only have one video out but the video name is PC ICON
🚨 WARNING: Copy and paste! 🚨 Hey awesome collager! Just wanted to let you know round 4 results are up for my colour games! If you would like to know what stopped me from posting the results earlier please read the caption! Round 5 will be up soon! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
your account is growing so much, it’s amazing!! I love your collages so much! you go!!💕
Thx! U r great!
your too kind!!☺️☺️
this is stunning 💗
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i can’t believe i haven’t sent it to you yet!! i for sure thought i did.... that’s weird! well could you tell me which one it was again what please? 🦋
ofc no problem 🦋
ok thank you!! im glad you liked it 🦋
This is so good!
please go like my two new pics
Omg so so so sorry! I’m definitely gonna enter today! Right now where I live it’s 8AM and I have school so I’ll get it to you by the end of today or sooner!
And tysm for holding the games for one more day! that is so sweet! you are so nice! I’ll definitely get my entry to you by the end of the day!
thanks xoxo
this is awesome!