Collage by YellowHearts


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so glad I get to call you my bestie! Q
I’m happy for you and mason!
of course my love! yes we do! when are you free
my pretty girl
I might have time today!
ugh sorry, I sxck at responding
he’s at work, i think he’s making a bio later
so what are you up too?
that’s fun haha. imma come over if that’s fine
I’m okay with whatever!
*comes through the door slowly* I’m here!
HI MY BABIES!! *bends down slowly hugging them*
*smiles and goes to hug you* I miss you so much!! *starts getting tears in my eyes*
*hugs you tightly back* nothing! I just missed you and the kids so much! plus baby is gunna be born anytime now!
I’m so ready!
right! I’ve been having some pain tho
the baby kicks and then I get a lot of lower stomach pains
yes super excited! let’s do some painting with the kids?