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heyyy so i was thinking we could obviously do a billie theme
I would love to do a Billie theme!
Would you rather do the background or the texts, pngs, etc?
i can do background
what color should we do? some colors that i think look good with billie are green (duh) blue, and yellow
let’s do blue or yellow or maybe both!
i like the both idea!
I just remixed the one's I liked :)
heyo! sorry about the wait
so I have a problem
your background looks amazing, but I don’t have any inspiration for the text
do you have any ideas
I tried so many different texts and quotes and fonts but nothing seems to work or come together
sorry about this🥺
I don’t mean to ruin everything ☹️
omg nooo your fine!!! lemme think
“call me friend but keep me closer” “was i made from a broken mold” and “i wanna make you feel ok but all you do is look the other way”
those are some good lyrics, do u want quotes??
you could put the text in that yellow spor
I like the last quote
thank you so much!
its gonna look so good, dont stress :)
I also made another background if you want to use it too!?
omg i loveee that oneee
since you made that would you want me to switch to text?
sure! 💙💙
do u want me to use that one of those quotes?
What about “you’re italic, I’m in bold
or I can find a funny quote by her?
i made the quote, feel free to use the center one or side!(i did two)
tell me what you think then i can finish with pngs! (i do that right..?)
also i will need inspo for pngs
what should i do for pngs?
I was thinking maybe a png to add sparkles
or the circles around Billie’s head
hewo! I’m just checking in! 😊
omg im sooo sorry i’ve been rly busy with school!
i will do it tonight!
oh it’s totally fine! I know school is pretty annoying.
Savannah! Is everything ok? You have been gone for a bit🤷‍♀️☺️💖
I remixed an idea!