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hai I’m Lucy!
I look forward to the memes
hiiii!!!!!!! I just posted a contest on this account! it’s a different sort of contest and has a bit of a twist! so come join! it’s due in 12 days ( 15th August)! thanks! also can we get to 100 by the end of the week?? I would love if we could!! thank you so much ~Sunfloweredits88_EXTRAS~ 💕✨🌻
hiiii I’m becca🧡 nice to meet u
ooohhh my favorite musical is Funny Girl
thank youuu!! arabella is actually my mum’s name haha😂
how’s the vegan life?🌿
Oh my high school is putting on Chicago for their musical this year! I’m thinking about auditioning, but I’m not really sure since I don’t have the best singing voice. 😂 Anyway nice to meet you. 💕
finally a fellow vegan! 💚🌱
hiii Arabella! my names Olivia! exciters to see those mEmEs and whatever else you’re gonna post✨
uhh w