A spoopy collage for a spoopy day

Side note: I’ve had pretty rough week I’m really sorry for the inactivity but I just had other things on my mind

750x750 EpicFish

A spoopy collage for a spoopy day Side note: I’ve had pretty rough week I’m really sorry for the inactivity but I just had other things on my mind

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yw broski
@caption: haven’t we all
mmm and the mom's typewriter obsession begins
oof i saw your comment without knowing you'd changed your user/bio and i was like hMm wHo'S tHiS sPoOpY cHiLd
oH nO nOt tHe dEviL
I wondered for a minute who you were. 😂💓it’s epic fish!!!!!
spooooppppyyy 😂😂👻👻
yeah it really has!! ❤️😱I’m alright sooo glad to be off school now 😂😂💓wbu?
ahahah oOf eVeRyOne wants to be an epic fish but only the great can
eXACTLY smh the name is so random but it’s such a good font i cri with u
my actual homework from one of my teachers was to be a good role model to the little kids and i just
wth how is tgat profane??
ooooj Love this!
aha hehe me tooo teachers think holidays are great for studying 😫❤️hope your friend drama will calm down soon. I know what it is like, trust me we have all been through it. it’ll get better ❤️❤️
aaah this is gorgeous!💗💗
oooooooooooo love disssss
I’m not sure if it’s good I relate to the quote
I searched up epicfish instead of this user and forgot that this was ur main 😂
hey, so I did read your comment on page and I apologize for taking so long to respond. I’ll just start by saying friends have never been my strong suit. I really only have one friend who ever invites me to do anything with them. I also just don’t text any of my friends ever because I just don’t text in general. I don’t think I’ve ever really found “my group” of friends, and it’s my junior year of high school. That used to make me pretty upset, but throughout high school I’ve kinda realized that anybody who doesn’t give you their time doesn’t deserve your time. Dont waste your time on people who you are better than. I know that’s hard, especially if you have nobody else to turn to, but for me at least, it’s been worth it. And please don’t be afraid to confront your friends about how your treating them. I have a group chat with some of my friends who I used to hang out with a lot and we used to use that group chat to settle any problems between us. Generally, once we voiced our problems, everyone tried to fix it. I don’t know your friends so I don’t know how they will react to you saying that you feel left out, but even if they take it badly if it’s something that is truly bothering you than it is something worth bringing up. ♥️ I hop this helped a little bit, try not to worry to much, it’s not worth it.
Thank you!!
the fish of epic is back
bEcAuSe yOu aRe gReAt
im addicted to writing in caps/lowercase help this isn’t normal^
goodbye skoopyfish hello aEsTheTic icon
@bio i gotcha
yw my dude
yeah it can tricky sometimes 💓it feels like a never ending drama but sometimes when you get caught up in it things seem worse.
you will get through this is promise 💗💗friends will come and go but you need to stand strong. the true ones will stick by you 💘💘💘
bAcK bAcK
now I’ve liked every single collage of yours
thanks 😂
I’ve deleted some of mine but I’ve kept most hahaa
@caption: -_- sameee I hope it gets better
ahahha oof that sounds amazing
this is such a spookily stunning collage!😂😱💓
spjdbialdn oof
hey dude
want to chat on WHI?
about it
because going back and forth is to hard
ahhh I’m so lazy
thank youu
love this movie and collage!❤️❤️
oh lol😂 i used to be scared when i was little too! i grew out if it though and yes the songs are AMAZING
this is g o o d💕😘👍🏼👍🏼
how do you still have the font “dear joe hansen” (?) even with the new update?
love this so much! 😻