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the exact same thing happened to me!! it’s so sad bc this girls new friends are screwing her life up. she’s like a puppet playing on their strings. all of this and she doesn’t even know it. I pray for her ever day and I hope that she will realize what is going on before something horrible that cannot be undone happens
the same thing kinda happened to me. my best friend got really popular in seventh grade and kinda left me behind. thankfully I've found a new group of friends who I absolutely love to death. I don't really have a single best friend, though.
ME but im really petty so i hold grudges on literally everyone akdhajshshs people who act like that... i have a List LOL
I get you girl. (sorry for snooping lol) my best friend suddenly just changed that one day and I'm like... "uh, girl. you were MY friend WAY before all these popular people came and changed you" but she pretends that we're still close if she needs something from me!! 🙄😖