It’s RP time!

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Tap! It’s RP time!

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Winnie ended up going back home for the night. She was really sick.
Claire had to leave work early. She was freaking out and freezing up again. She knew it wouldn’t go well
Winnie sat in her graffiti apartment looking online for new ones.
Moopy doop
Rome was still unwell, and she had a hard time as her leg burned. She knew no one was coming to help, and she couldn’t train so decided to cook.
(same so yep.)
(No because it’ll be like two o clock in the morning for me😂)
Theo sat at the coffee shop, eating a donut and almost falling asleep.
Winnie sat in the park. that’s what she did when she had to think. the played with the bracelet connor have her.
walks over to Winnie
and sits next to her
Winnie sat there. alone.
Winnie didn’t stay the night a Connors. she didn’t feel well so she went home.
“I was really sick.” she texted back “I also was feeling guilty about what we did to Lucas so I apologised...”
Lucas just woke up. it was a free day at Uni. it was 8:37am
Winnie was a little confused. “why?” she asked.
Lucas got changed and came out. he sat next to Sophie.
Winnie was really confused. She was feeling a lot better. she was moving out of her apartment soon. in about 1 week. she was moving to an apartment in the 8th level.
“yeah.” he said “you?”
“is Winnie ok?” he asked.
Lucas looked at the floor. “I was just asking if she was ok.” he mumbled.
Lucas didn’t think he was going to tell her. “tell her?” he asked.
“alright! alright!” he said “I’ll tell her today.” he frowned. “I’ve got to go.” he said standing up.
he rolls his eyes and sits back on the couch.
“no where.” he mumbled. he was going to go out with Stephanie.
“uhhh sure.” she sent “be there in 5.” she got her phone and hopped in the car.
he said nothing.
Winnie knocked on the door.
“ok. thanks.” she said as she walked in.
Winnie is a unsure of what is happening. “hey Lucas.” she said as she smiled.
Winnie sat down.
Lucas said nothing. Winnie said “look, if you guys are back together just say it!” she smiles.
Winnie is shocked Sophie’s yelling.
“uhh well.” lucas said “I just want to say I am really sorry!” he said.
Winnie looks at Sophie. she is really confused now.
“Well I kind of did the graffiti on your house.” he said quickly and embarrassed.
“What!?” she yelled as she stood up.
Winnie is really mad. “You Need to stay away from her Lucas! I Know you would never do anything like that. it’s ALL her.” she yelled “Why!?!”
Lucas ignores them. “I’m sorry.” he said “can I go now?” he asked.
Winnie sits down and puts her head on her lap.
“yeah.” she said.
“let him go...” she said.
Lucas unlocks the door and walks out, he texts Stephanie “wanna meet up?”
“it’s ok” she said “I forgive him.”
Stephanie and Lucas meet up at the park.
“I just do,” she said
“can we do something now?” winnie asked “like go for a walk?”
“sure!” winnie said.
Lucas and Stephanie Starting Kissing under a tree.
Winnie smiles “it’s such a nice day!” she said.
Winnie smiles again. she forgot about what Lucas did.
Lucas and Stephanie were kissing under a tree in the park...
Winnie sees them to. she is really annoyed.
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Winnie went home. she wanted to sleep. it was only 8pm but she did anyways.
I was asleep lol