I got my hair cut, so that’s cool
How have you guys been??

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TAP I got my hair cut, so that’s cool ✨ How have you guys been??

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so so cool love your posts 🤩
hey renae I know we have never been real close but I would really love to get closer I just wanted to tell you that I have another hatepage 😞
so creative💖
btw tysm I’m so excited! and ur new icon is 👌
omg this is so amazing 😍😍 @caption that’s coooool 👍🏼
THIS IS PHENOMENAL!!! 😍😍😍😘❤️♥️♥️
awwwwww thx that’s means a lot
this is so gorgeoussss😍 and bro ur new icon is👌🔥
thank you ❤️❤️ but tracing is cool, especially yours
so pretty ❤️🤩🌸😘
this is STUNNING 🤩😍😱
oh and I think I’m better of doing the quote :P
Thank you for standing up for me against my hatepage. I am glad I know people like you. I hope you have a blesssed day
this is gorgeous !!!💫💫💫
@caption I’ve been good
@caption: omg did you do a big chop?!??!😱 those are always terrifying. you never know if you'll /actually/ like your new hair lol
no problem budddyyy
omg i looked at ur icon and i was like whOLLY- IF THATS @DELARTISTA THEN MY LIFE IS COMPLETE 😂
and badoomdambang gUeSs whO iT iS
and for the collab, can I do the text please?💞
this is soo beautiful 😤🥰🧡
Lovely ❤
this is incredible and i looooveeee the new icon btwww 😁😁
wowow so pretty
Ohh that's so pretty 🤩
yes Bob Ross would be so proud of your artistic talent😁
I don’t think you made your icon 😔 only masters can make things like that
omg I wanted an undercut last summer!! convinced myself not to do it bc growing it out would be a pain. how awesome was yours?!😱 I haven't cut my hair in a few years so it's gotten pretty long and now it's just a love/hate relationship.
awwww :( I want an undercuttttt :( :( my hair grows pretty fast so I think the upkeep with one would not be in my favor :( the only reason my hair has even gotten this long is bc my hair stylist moved and I won't let anybody else touch it! I don't think it's ever been this long before. love it cause it looks great when I fix it, annoyed with it bc it get everywhere and all in my face lol.
amaaaaaaaazing beautiful gorgeous stunning breathtaking
and same it’s so good
aw thank you!!
oh yeah! having a hairstylist in the family is always good! lol yeah I had my hair purple once and L OV ED it. but there was no way I was going to keep going back for touch ups 💰💰
did you get a design with your undercut?? bc honestly that's why I want one
How do you make your drawings they are so pretty and wonderous?!!!!
thank you!!💘 i love this!!
I love this ahh💓🌼
👌👌I see all of the undercut designs on instagram and it just looks so badA👌 😩
all of your collages are so gorgeous!!!!
hey! I just made a challenge so if you could check it out that’d be amazing!
So true! love this particular collage. Has a helpful and very meaningful message
wow so gorgeous and so true 💓🍃
amazing. congrats on the featu- wait wAH? this isn’t featured? HUH? this is so totally amazing and worthy of a feature~🥰 and so are the other ones :)
😯 no words....
I can never be bored with your art ❤️