rant in the comments! or just start with hello! i’m always open to making new friends and listening and helping💖💖

✨✨stay strong everyone✨✨


rant in the comments! or just start with hello! i’m always open to making new friends and listening and helping💖💖 ✨✨stay strong everyone✨✨

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I don’t really have anything to rant about so Hi
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ok so basically imma keep this short but one of my best friends from last year has been pretty distant over summer and i miss him so much. but like i’m worried he won’t want to hang out with me next year cuz of some things but yeah. idk i just really don’t want to lose home cuz he’s like my favorite person ever. this is really stupid lol sorry but i did keep it to the point!
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your account is so nice and motivational! I love it ❤️
that’s a nice name, I’m Jenni
yeah my full name is more of an old lady name
ok so there is this boy who I think likes me he’s in the grade above me and said he liked some one in the grade below him who has blonde hair like me he plays golf with me and invited me to hang out with him today he asked me for my snap and my number do you think he likes me and is just too scared to say or do you think I’ve been friend zoned
Eeeeee okie, so um this friend of mine (let's call her Abbey) is kinda being SALTY 😂 so today, my friends went candle making for a school assignment and I couldn't come for it. We were talking about the essential oils we were using to scent them and one of my friends said "the Lavender oil we bought wasn't really good quality" and I said "Yea it was, it's meant for the steam diffuser things and ya can't put it on your skin" then Abbey said "why would you put Lavender oil on your skin?" like it was the silliest thing ever and I said "it's good for it (like you know, for headaches and sleeping things...)" and she said "so you shouldn't put it on your skin but it's good for you?!" really rudely and that really made me quiet... I'm just a naturally sensitive person and I get so upset by her, and agh idk what to do? It's not even a big deal but.... Eeee
Oooh sorry if that was too long...
my best friend and got into an argument because she felt like I was attention seeking, manipulating etc. we’ve made up (sort of, we’re not best friends anymore, just... friends). so I feel lonely without her. I have other friends, but I could always rely on her, talk to her, just be me with her, and she feels the same way (but apparently not anymore). another thing I’m bisexual, and I have a huge crush on her. but the thing is she’s asexual. I still have a big crush on her :(, and I just don’t know what to do. she doesn’t believe I’ve gotten over my depression and doesn’t text me at all anymore. I’m just sad and confused
oh and also she’s the only one who knows I’m bi