hey guys👋🏻

look in the comments for a message💕


hey guys👋🏻 look in the comments for a message💕

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the other day I was looking through a bunch of old pictures on my phone and I found a bunch of collages from here. I looked through dates and collages with so many quotes and topics I had forgotten I made collages about. and it reminded me that for a while this app was a major part of my life. at times it honestly was probably one of the only things I lived for. my sophomore year was horrible and you all stuck with me through that and made me feel popular when in reality I had about two friends. and I guess I just got caught up in how busy my life is with ib and theatre and everything else and forgot to keep coming back. I lost my creativity and had no time and suddenly I didn’t post. but I never really said goodbye. I never wanted to admit that I was going to move on with my life without this app. but now, almost a year later, I’m ready. I’m going to be a senior and I may be single but I’m figuring out college and the rest of my life. I can’t say that I’m going to start making collages again because I know I won’t. so to all of you who haven’t left yet, please keep up with that motivation. this app needs people like you to keep the art going and keep being a reason to stay alive for people like me. but for me I got older and I had to move on. this is a phase of my life but one I will make sure I never ever forget. so goodbye to all of you I’ll miss you all so much... ❤️😭
This is beautiful. I will miss you, Liz 💓
honestly no ones on this app anymore save yourself hehe
Awww😶 wish you all of the best in your life❤
aw man you were one of our og creators gonna miss your collages !!!! 🧡🤩
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Hi (sorry for the copy and paste message you probably hate them) we was wondering if you would like to join the kawaii club all you have to is fill in the sign up sheet and then you will get the password and we will be doing a bunch of fun stuff like spreading the love, holding contests, making icons and quotes and funny jokes and pic collage stuff in general have a great day 💗🍉💗🍉💗🍉
love you ♥️♥️♥️
beautiful 💓😊
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