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Yes sirrrr🥰We have matching hair now🙊
*giggles and hugs you back kissing your lips* i missed my daddy as well
*blushes kissing back deeply wrapping my arms around your neck* (nopies)
*giggles and mumbles against your lips* daddy is making me have naughty thoughts
*blushes harder looking back up into yours* I want daddy to pin me down and pound into me really really fast and rough
*blushes and gently squeezes my legs together nodding*
daddy tum backkk😞
daddy no need to be sorry, I jus’ clingy🙊
*nods looking up at you as I raise my arms*
*giggles and clings to you kissing on your neck*
*kisses to your lips, kissing deeply and runs my hands under your shirt*
*spreads my legs open breaking the kiss as I pull your shirt off, kissing your lips passionately again*
*blushes wearing the matching dark green lace bra and thxng set*
*blushes deeply closing my legs*
*gets slight shivers watching you*
*fiddles with your hair blushing deeply*
*starts trying to close them again smiling, my face a bit red*
*slides my hands onto your chest tilting my head to the side to give you more access*
*lets out a sharp breath as I become soak and stutter a bit* S-Same here daddy
*is completely soaked and blushes at my mess*
*bites on my lip watching* d-daddy has become more dominant I’m guessing?
*gasp softly gripping your arms as my walls tighten around your length*
*moans loudly arching my back and closes my eyes digging my nails into your arm*
*pulls myself up a bit moaning your name loudly as I wrap my hands around your head*
*spreads my legs more and almost screams out in pleasure leaning my head back* ohh god
*moans loudly and grips your hair tightly keeping my head leaned back*
*begins shaking in pleasure as my eyes roll back and I moan your name out loudly*
*screams daddy out loudly letting my hands fall to your arms gripping tightly*
*moans loudly as I cxm closing my eyes*
*shakes moaning and whimpering as I drag my nails down your arms*
l-let m-me ride d-daddy *moans digging my nails in your arms again*
*places my hands on your chest and slowly begins moving up and down picking the pace up*
*places my hands back onto your knees riding faster as I moan leaning my head back*
*rides as fast as I can, moaning loudly and gripping your knees*
*doesnt hear you and rides fast moaning*
Going on private for a bit.
i missed you to daddy😞
kitten had school workkk😔😖
i knowwwww
I’m here daddy I not going anywhere
promise you whatttttt?
i promise I won’t leave🥺
i love you to daddy
*hugs back and smiles*
i will later daddy
Daddy I just got out the shower and I’m to hot😞😞
I’m to hot, I’m turning into cooked chicken *frowns taking my shirt off*
i made tacosss😋😋
*takes off my pants and leaves on my bra and thxng*
tank you *lays on the floor spread out*
*giggles softly* daddy no bum taps
I try to cool off daddy *giggles softly and looks at you*
no daddy no pouting
*sits up and crawls onto your lap laying my head on your shoulder and your hands on my bum* Otay daddy tan give bum taps
*smiles and rest my hands on your chest* I like daddy bum rubs
*wraps my arms around your neck pecking your lips*
*smiles and lays my head on your shoulder*
yes sir?
yuparoo scooby doo I’d love that
Alright food and movie?
thank you daddy
i wan’ chicken nuggets
Hey I miss you:/
I miss daddy most😓
beTuz i had to cuddle with stuffies and I wanted daddy instead
*giggles and runs to you, jumping on you and wraps around you*
*holds onto you, clinging to you*
*wiggles my hips down over yours and lays my chin on your chest* hi hi
hehe *smiles and looks at you as I nibble your chin*
*wiggles up and lays my face in the crook of your neck*
*smiles and relaxes against you as I nuzzle my face in your neck*
*tucks my toes under you*
daddy dat tickles *giggles scooting up more*
rubbing it, it tickles, I Beary ticklish *giggles*
hehe no sir🙈🙈
*giggles and keeps my face in your neck*
I always choose, you chose
chicken nuggets
*gets up and goes into the closet changing into jeans and a crop top*
*slips on my shoes and smiles* done
hi daddy
hehe hi hi, how’d you sleeppppp
oh daddy🙈🙈
*blushes resting my hands on your tummy kissing back deeply*
*giggles and wraps my arms around your neck kissing deeper, pressing my body against yours*
*giggles and blushes moving away as I skip away*
to the beddy *giggles and jumps onto the bed*
*squeals and giggles squirming*
*smiles and wraps my legs around you playing with your hair*
*continues playing in your hair*
*blushes deeply and tries moving my chest away*
daddy’s playing with my chest parts *giggles softly and blushes*
yes sir *nods blushing softly*
I’m here daddy
hehe well good thing I came back the
hehe noo you wouldn’t have you goofball
*giggles and gets on my tummy resting my face in my hands as I swing my feet twirling your hair* daddy isn’t dead, because if daddy is dead dat means kitten has to go find another daddy, and daddy doesn’t want that does he?
see I knew daddy wasn’t dead *giggles softly*
why not?🥺i need attention, and playtime, and attention and cuddles and kissies, I needa be taken care of
Yes it is *smiles and crawls onto your lap*
No tie me up and fxck me hard *furrows my brows wrapping my arms around. your neck*
it was only one time daddy *giggles holding onto you*
but what if it slips out? *giggles and takes all my close off sitting on the bed*
*giggles and blushes hard thinking* but what if it slips out when daddy is pounding into me?
hehe Otay
*blushes and crosses my legs holding my chest*
well daddy is just staring at my nakey body *giggles softly*
*giggles and nods holding my hands out infront of me*
*squeals softly giggling then looks back at you* daddy then I can’t grip anything if my hands are behind me
*arches my back down a bit and continues looking back at you*
*moves my bum down a bit as I continue looking back at you*
*moves my hands a bit looking towards the wall*
yes sir *nods taking a deep breath*
*pulls my hips forwards a bit biting on my lip hard*
*whimpers resting my palms on my back as I tighten around you*
*moans softly curling my toes8
*curses softly under my breath closing my eyes*
*sits my head up a bit moaning* oh fxckkkk
hey babe
I’m here daddy
i miss you to daddy
Hi daddy
daddy my bio is up there
no you’re not daddy just didn’t see it *climbs in your lap and smiles*