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maybe you could do marching for college games? I’m not too knowledgeable about that but I’d assume they have it¿ if not you could at least do band, I know it’s not the same. maybe your dad could volunteer to do band stuff still if he was interested without you two in it? I would hope that if he did that they’d eventually give him a job with that, I know some people do a lot of volunteer work, impress the employers, and get a job. if it’s something he really loves doing it would be great if that worked out. I would say that music theory and history is definitely better to take classes on; I wish my college had those classes but they don’t :( I might take some separately if that’s legal lol. I just know I’m good with writing so that’s why I’m in English/creative writing, not because it’s what I really want to do. I don’t know yet. I would recommend living on campus if you don’t have any ties other than family. Berry college is where I was and it was two hours from Tristin’s house, for some reason it was my responsibility to come over to his instead of him driving and meeting me halfway at mine on the days I was at school. if it wasn’t for him and my fam moving I would’ve gone on campus but applied for a one-person dorm room because I don’t know if back then I could’ve handled living with another person I barely knew. it worked out that my family moved but being tied to Tristin made it harder on me. it’s probably another reason I worry about my own career rn because he expected too much of me while I was at school and then got all jealous of people who I barely knew/imaginary guys.