Hehe, this came down oops?
Any who, the hatepage is gone, sooooo yay?

638x618 -MigraineGirl-

Hehe, this came down oops? Any who, the hatepage is gone, sooooo yay?

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Please enter the contest on my page !!! I will give a shoutout to you if you enter !! 🙂😀Good Luck !!
done ✅
heyyyyyy my friend -only-positivity- has a contest up that I’d think you’d do great in!!!! it’s Halloween themed!!! go check it out! xx
girl. you’re amazing! 💕😘 ignore the hate, you’re slaying the editing game hun! 💗 ignore it and continue this:))
I think the hater deleted her account
Btw this is also very beautiful!!! Tbh i love it!!💕
soo cool! I wanted to be Reyna!
you can try my style for sure!
lmaooo yeaa
Yayy I’m so glad they’re gone :)
ik people are MAD it’s just an opinion they need to calm down for
I know!!
it was really sad when Jason died..... I honestly blame piper. she kept comparing her relation ship to percabeth’s and even when they broke she said “what? you excpect us to be like Percy and Annabeth?” and that go me BOILING mad- like Reyna and Jason would’ve been the otp if piper wasn’t there and probably Jason wouldn’t have died either. 😭😭😭
it’s @Leila101
ooh I like ur new icon!!!!!
Luv ur new icon
Ya sure I'd love to
Can I choose background and quote?
Is this alright?
ahahah tysm 💕
Ya sure ok:) or could u like put on all the pngs then move the text back over it? or will that work sorry
hey! long time no see?
How's the collab going?
ok so I love photography in others words IM INSANE ABOUT IT! so I have apps to edit and my photo edit also has the glitch feature so yeh!
I love it so much! and I get it you're busy and all
I remixed it on my most recent you can check it out
Will we repost then?
how do I repost it? I don't understand the whole collab thing
oooh I'm excited go ahead!
well when life gives you lemons
if u know the vine
this is sooo C R E A T I V E ❣️
just read your bio, you seem like a really fun person!
P R E T T y