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yes I do they do look similar
lol guess how old I am
yes we can still be friends
you can join our chat
what do you look like
honey there is only one person on this acc and I am a part of lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈
thank u
um tori or vidla can u show me how to set up another account cause I also want to prevent bullying
and don’t worry I will give your no cyber bullying account a shoutout on my no cyber bullying account (
or mabye I can do something else
u just need to log of! REMEMBER UR PASSWORD and then touch the log in button and then make a new password and username
but one sec imma ask tori something
hey can you make a Colby Brock edit?
can u make me and u a chat page real quick? plz
ya wait
my advice is that don’t worry about being 13, it’s not much different from being 12. don’t try to be popular and cool, don’t let your friends walk all over you and ignore you. <—— find good friends that don’t do that and if they do they aren’t worth your time. don’t be childish and crazy immature bc that dampens your growth, but don’t feel the need to grow up. be a teenager
Hey! I’m having a contest, I was wondering if you wanna join!😊
can talk till 2:00