Hey hey hey it’s your favorite hedgehog! 
Ughhhhhhh I’m so stressed out and I’ve been keeping a lot in lately (yay me!) 
(caption continued...)

640x748 hedgehug

Tap! Hey hey hey it’s your favorite hedgehog! Ughhhhhhh I’m so stressed out and I’ve been keeping a lot in lately (yay me!) ANSWERS TO THE GUESSING GAME ABOUT ME THING ARE IN THE REMIXES (caption continued...)

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well rip 😂
so what do you wanna talk about?😂
(caption continued) I just keep regretting everything I do and it’s very stupid and stressful 😰😓😭
buy itttt
its really good
thanks for all the remixes 😂
ur not pathetic
also, I finished my homework 😂
its okkk
text me when youre back! 😂
hey, ya got me to talk to if you need...keeping stuff in can be really painful sometimes and unhealthy so BE HEALTHY EAT UR VEGGIES AND GO TO BED EARLY FJJDJSKAA
gurlll this is so pretty !! @caption make sure your taking care of your health . destress yourself
wowza this is amazing
ikr😍 Noooahhhh😂
^^^ @whateverMAGICSHOPsaid health before PC always
nooooooo hedge!!!
you’re so sweet and amazing!!!!!!
if you’re feeling regretful I’ve so been there
stress is a killer. this is just awesome art. keep your chin up ❤️
awww don’t be
Im just an idiot sometimes 😂 but aren’t we all
tElL aBouT tHe pArTy!!!!
wt f 😂 virtual reality thingie???
also, sorry for the late reply. i was praying. 😂✌🏻️
ty! and yeah we have, I used to live a cross to triad from him :)
still pending
yasssssssss lol
no, its not on private. why? xD
yess lol i stole the pic off her insta lol
ok lol
thanks 🤣
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oh my frikin gosh this looks so cool wowza. sorry I haven't talked to you much in so long, I started high school and I've been busy and super stressed. But what you said about regretting everything you do...I do the same thing. i say things or do things and then I just beat myself up about it and I want so badly to go back and do it over. sometimes I regret somethings for months or even years. it'll be something so small and unimportant but I still think about it years later. like, that person probably forgot two minutes after I said it. this has been happening more lately and I'm stressed all the time and I regret everything and I feel like every single thing I do is a mistake and I feel like no one likes me and I'm just,,, there and I'm just in the way. I honestly wish I could be someone else. ,,,,, ok, that was a lot and kind of all over the place.😂sorry for saying so much, I just kinda needed to. anywaysssss, just know that you are not the only one in the world who feels the way you do. there are so many people you can talk to about it and i hope I can be someone you trust to talk to. Ok I think I'm done now
😂 I procrastinated and did my hw late tonight. annnnd I still have a test to study for but I'm too tired to keep any information in my brain right now so I'm gon sleep
ok bye, goodluck with your homework
I appreciate that so much but I am sorta out of that area by now...
is the contest over now cuz u have a new icon?
hi :) sorry I keep switching accounts 😂 I’ll probably extend my games till the weekend bc of school. I totally understand taht you’re busy heh cuz I have work piling up
good luck 🍀
hehe it’s freaking adorable 😂
thanks 🙏🏿
thanks and cute icon btw
thank youuuu hedge
yep! I will try my best :) for now the games is on hold lol
yOu dO yOu SiS 😂😂
life just could not go on
I switched accounts sorry
oKaY OkAy 🤭
thank youu!💗💗
thank uuuuuu!!!
haha yesss corgis are so cute!!
not much but we have too much homework. u
thanks hedge
oh I did come out home should’ve mentioned that
but my parents want me to keep it one the DL meaning I can’t tell anyone which suckkkkkkssssssss
it’s not that mean that people don’t want to be my friend it’s more that I’m pretty introverted so I wouldn’t go out and talk to people myself
I guess I should leave my comfort zone
thank you so much again Hedgehug 💛💛
I can’t believe that you’re so sad and stuff but u give amazing advice!!
thanks😂, it's really short compared to what it was
awwww thanks 💛💛💛💛💛
also please elaborate on what the word shizles means 😂
lol I saw somewhere you said your sad so I sent happy pandas! (don’t ask- I’m weird okay?!) and also I’m not a stalker!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I gotchu bro 😂
what house r u
like hogwarts
Thank you! 💕
all your posts are beautiful do you mind checking out ours? we are trying to get successful... it’s alright if you can’t 😓💖