Hey anyone wanna collab?????!!!!!! I am so bored so yeah I am sooooo excited for this btw this isn’t rlly a theme I will just be posting collabs from time to time also I might not except all requests💓do NOT take it personally😘💫🌿🌸luv you all my star

640x640 shootingstars-

Tap->💓 Hey anyone wanna collab?????!!!!!! I am so bored so yeah I am sooooo excited for this btw this isn’t rlly a theme I will just be posting collabs from time to time also I might not except all requests💓do NOT take it personally😘💫🌿🌸luv you all my star

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I would love to do one if you want to! I’m not really popular but I just joined yesterday so...
I would love to collab with you, you’re very talented
I would love to!
course love take the time you need 💕
That sounds AMAZING!!
I would love too
yes!! I would love to!!💕💕💕
oh sure!!💖
can I do the text?
I would love to, if you are still accepting💕
ok sure I can do text! and you can give me the background and/or quote ♥️
I would like to collab if you want to. Maybe we could do LaurDiy?
tysm Mayra❤️ I wish I could spam you but I already liked all your collages lol
i’d love to collab if your still accepting
sure why not Mayra❤️
my names Emma💙 tysm for ur nice review I rlly appreciate coming from ur talented and beautiful account
I would also love to collab💙
I would love to collab! and if everyone is saying to collab we could do a MEGA collab!!!!💗😁👍🏻🤣
That would be perfect
so you didn’t want to take my request?!☹️😣😢
*copy an paste* hey girl hey I’m holding a collage bottle but mines a little different check out my two recent post for more information
I would love to
what would u like to do in our collab
yeah ofc💙
hey💙💥do you mind liking my latest remix on my page?⭐️💗It would mean so much to me and i’ll give you a free spam:) !! it’s ok if you don’t but if you do thanks!🌸🌿🔅:)))
aww thanks for the likes and comments!!
I’d love to collaborate if you want to 😊
can u plz come enter my icon contest thx
Yes! You're background are always amazing and I love doing text
Me!! 💘💘
Can you be the last person on the Dolan Twins team for my games? 😀
Me!! 🌸😊💕
here’s one with the filter and one without the filter lmk which one you want or I’ll remix both💞💞
oh. sry.
yes thank you
Ph it’s fine lol
Take ur time dear 🥰🥰
yeah ofc
hi can you like my recent post 💖
I’d love to collab with you!
follow for follow
yay ty
I’ll let you know when the first challenge is up
I’d love to be friends, I’m Chloe (it’s not my real name aha) x
Also I’d love to collab I love your page
yep! that’s totally fine!
Hm....maybe a yellow one since that is my theme rn
aww tysm 💖💖🌸🌸
hi :))
I don’t know, any ideas?
I was thinking the theme could be feminist like my current theme if that’s ok. so like girl POWER ⭐️♥️💥
hmmm any I don’t mind
yeah I did! thanks :)
Ikr 🥳🥳
I thought we agreed on a wintery theme...
follow for follow 😘
best friends could be the theme if you want
alright thanks
yeah, sure! that’s a cute idea
any tumblr girl could be the theme maybe with like lavender or something
I would love to collab if you wanted to with me
its ok if not
I don’t care what theme it is but can I do background?
I would love too
how about a feminist one? thank you, next?
hi hru :))
here’s both if you want them💞
hahaha yay!!
maybe like an orange collage theme
thanks 💗💙
I’ll try no promises it’ll be good🤣 if it isn’t then u can do the background
what theme do you want it to be
I don’t really know what theme to do I’m out of inspo🤣
never mind got a theme
thanks for liking
follow for follow
what a coincidence 💜💜💜
thank you!
hope you like it😐 it’s my best attempt 😂 if u don’t just tell me then u can do the background and I’ll do text. Sorry I was already done by the time I saw you wanted the theme as adventure. I made the theme red if that’s ok but remember if u don’t like then when u do the background you can make it adventure themed. -L3MONADE-
sorry I don’t do chain mail🤣
lmaoooo hiii
first challenge is up
I’d love too, if you have time for me XD
HELLO! I’m new to pic collage and I would LOVE IT if you collabed with me! It would really help out my account and you would be the first person I collabed with! Just remix my first ever collage telling me if you agree! ❤️x
well actually, just comment on my “collab” collage xx
ahaha no you're not! it's just a mistake
text, if that’s all right!
Hey sorry this is a copied message, but I just started a new account I would love to have your opinion on it thank you❤️
perhaps something green/nature? or do you have any preferences cause I’m down with anything lol
re:// anyone you choose
and sorry that i’m just is replying
honestly your collages are gorgeous I love your style
I don’t mind you can choose, I’ll do whichever’s easiest aha
yeah sure
maybe like
you choose lmáö
⚠️{SELF ADVERTISEMENT}⚠️ Hey awesome collager!, I think you would be PERFECT to come join my contest! Picking teams now! Hurry while you can! 💓💕💖 -JAZZY2153
I’d love to collab if u want to
I’d love too❤️
sure! if u want to, that is.
I’d love to collab with you! 😀
I would love to collab ur collages are beautiful 💛
i would love to collab!
would you like to collab?
I’d love to but judging by the amount of comments...😂😅
I’d love to collab!
i want to collab
I’d love to collab with you! but it looks like many people are ahead of me so come to me when you’re ready!
can u collab with me