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What do you guys think? Why are they so popular?

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- 🥭 - What do you guys think? Why are they so popular?

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bts aren’t overhyped at all, really they deserve it. they started rock bottom. they were so poor that they other members would end up being lighting crews. they would use the things of some people who worked under bighit entertainment to create their sets (or so I’ve heard). nobody believed that BTS would be able to debut, and music shows cut the BTS segments out (which I also heard). I agree, there are sO many groups who deserve some spotlight, but BTS are not overhyped, the worked really hard to get to where they are today
they have a very unique way of telling a story through their music. they explain their stories, along with a message that they’ve been going along with
^^ I’m sorry if I sound mean sksksksksks
I really love bts, they are such hard workers but I am not saying they are overhyped because they deserve it but I would have to agree. I feel other groups should get more love as well. I think what made them so famous was when they started to go to America. Amrerica realised how much talent they had and are they are like the biggest boy band right now. I appreciate everyone is supporting them but what I don’t appreciate is that other groups aren’t getting support as well
Bro I agree like how did they blow up all of a sudden lol
And the points that are being made “they deserve it, they started at rock bottom.” then what about other groups who are also very small and aren’t popular? Don’t they deserve it too? And then those people who say bands are underrated for a reason can go die lmaoo
btw I stan you
DON’T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN YOU’RE LIKE “I listen to kpop.” Random person: *GASPS* Do you stan BTS? Me: *GASPS* Yes! Do you stan *insert other group* Random person: Who?
I understand where you're coming from, but the "what did they even do" comes off a bit disrespectful. Like many of your favorites, they also worked hard from the bottom and were treated well by karma. I know what you mean by overhyped - ever since they became global there have been many bandwagon fans and fetishists, which sadly is contributing to the bad reputation of the fan community and k-pop in general. As they are a bit overhyped, they deserve every bit of the success they have because they worked hard for it. Didn't happen in a night, even though to many it sounds like it.
Bighit Ent is no doubt one of the worst companies ever, and at one point, terribly poor. And yes, of course other artists deserve success. But not everyone gets it. Please be happy for them even if you are not an ARMY. Nothing was earned in a night. They didn't just blow up out of nowhere. They have become heroes to the next generation thanks to their hard work and global success. Please try to understand their story more ^^
Excuse me. One of the worst companies in kpop*
the reason they are so hyped up is because they were one of the few groups who actually talk about issues. I mean, other kpop groups may do that too, but BTS was definitely one of the first. plus, the members have been. through a lot. Yoongis parents never accepted the fact that he wanted to be a singer, his shoulder has been dislocated, and his appendix has exploded. RM has had open heart surgery, and Jimin lost 15 pounds in less than 3 days. I do understand where you’re coming from, but they’ve worked EXTREMELY hard to get to where they are, and most of them grew up in very strict families.
and not to mention Jungkook has passed out before
RE: I must have sounded harsh too. I'm sorry, I know you understand ^^. Thank you for your compliment by the way ヽ( ´¬`)ノ Love your account! ♡
well I hate yours