I love you all and I need some rest ❤️

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Tapp.....Announcement!!!! I love you all and I need some rest ❤️

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how old are u
Awww rest up😘😘
Lets see... rock bands i like are Starset, Fever 333, Nothing More, From Ashes to new, In This Moment, Bad Wolves, Pop Evil, grandson, and Palisades (starset, palisades, pop evil, nothing more, and fever 333 have such good concerts)
Hope you likey!
awww i remember when i got mine out😕hope you feel better soon and i’ll get some stuff asap❤️
np❤️love you too
I remember when I got mine out. My mums a dentist so I still felt comfortable. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better. Did u consult a dentist regarding this?
oh my. my mum just pulled it out using some dental material. It would be more comfortable if you just pulled it out. Using some dangerous stuff is so insane
I’m sorry about that 😔. get well soon!
Get well soon!!💕
aww I hope you feel better!
sure! what can I do for you
elp me decide what to put on tik tok in my second most recent post
update: My face hurts still and I ate two muffins today they were a little hard to chew but they were yummy 😋 wish me luck
here’s a couple cute animals! hope you feel better soon♥️
thank you💛
for sure ! it’s due whenever everyone enters
thank you so much!!
a few adorable pulse
I hope you like it! I’m so sorry I didn’t see the pngs you put on the icon sheet! But I hope you like it anyway! 💖
Thnx it was a quick edit lol
hey, if you tell me what you want me to do for our collab I can start on it
aww thanks❤️
hope you feel better ❤️