Collage by -Bachelor-RP-


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ok so choose one knotts or disneyland
you choose.... 😃
oh shoot then disneyland bc Disney is awesome
mallory walked out and looked for liam at the entrance of disneyland.
Liam was wearing his Mickey Mouse ears and had some chocolates for Mallory.
mallory saw liam and smiles cutely and waves wearing cute rose gold ears.
(i use cute too much 😂)
Liam walked up to her. “You look lovely with your Minnie ears.” he smiled. “These are for you.” he said hanging her the chocolates
mallory smiled and blushed a little “thanks but you didn’t have to.” she said taking the chocolates “i’m mallory by the way” she smiled and she thought the makeup was on freakin fleek
“I know.” he slightly laughed. When the got to the front of the line he paid for the tickets.
mallory looked at him “and you paid for the tickets now i feel really bad” she said as she walked through the gates.
“Don’t worry about it!”
mallory smiled and laughed “sorry but i love Disney so i had to go here. i haven’t been in forever!” she said looking around
(i’ve actually never been before and i live 45 min away 😥)
“I haven’t been since my 7th birthday!”
be right back
mallory laughed “sooo tell me about yourself mr. liam” she said as she playfully nudges him and laughs
“I love to read and write.”
“oh cool. did you ever look into being a journalist or reporter?” she ask
“I tried but I didn’t go so well...”
mallory raised an eyebrow “mind me asking...?” she said
“Well, I wrote an article about potatoes... they didn’t like it very much.”
“about them firing off and being terrible bc of substances used..?” mallory asked. she was cute and a model but that didn’t mean she was dumb. everyone thought that and she hated it.
“basically yeah...”
“well then they’re are dumb. if i still had my twitter job i would post it for you.” she said with a smile.
“It was about potato chips and chicken salt... they had a Right to fire me”
“so then what do you do know?” she asked
“that chicken salt isn’t real chicken?” he laughed
(oh i meant now opps autocorrect)
“How about we go on some rides?
“sure!”she said walking a little faster to the map laughing “i feel like a little kid again.” she said as she laughed
mallory jumped on a ride and said “idk why i like amusement parks bc i hate heights” she said looking how far the ride went up
“Don’t worry! you’ll be ok!”
mallory smiles and hold her breath and she goes up the ride.
He grabbed her hand and held it. “It’s ok.”
malory felt his warm hand and almost tensed up but actually was calm.
“is this better?”
mallory smiled and blushed “yeah” she said as she looked at the bottom on the cart. the cart went up and she was gonna raise her hand and laugh but his hand was in hers and she just laugh
“See! your having fun!”
mallory laughed as the cart went down and she yelled “smile!” to him as the carnes came up
with her free hand she put it up still not wanting to mover her other hand and smiles
He did the goofiest smile ever
mallory laughed. she was gonna but that after. she laughed as the rude cane to an end
“well, what’s next?”
mallory got oof and bought the photo still holding his hand. she laughed at there faces they made. “wanna go back to the dorms and watch a movie?”
(oof gosh autocorrect *off)
mallory held his hand nor more confortable and walked back.
(wanna go into the normal page now that we aren’t at the park anymore?)
(maybe stay here)
mallory walked back and laced her fingers in his “so what movie?” she ask smiling as they walked through the common room
“I don’t mind.”
mallory has to let go of his hand to operan the door with her key as she turned on the tv “um” she said sitting down on her bed. she was glad she cleaned her room.
Wanna do this later?