hey guys! 
so sorry i haven’t been active my mom has died because of covid-19. please were a mask! thanks


hey guys! so sorry i haven’t been active my mom has died because of covid-19. please were a mask! thanks

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omg I’m so sorry to hear that about your mom, hope you are doing allright! ❤️
this looks beautiful btw! 😍
oh I’m so so sorry 😢 I hope you’re ok♥️also this is stunning 🤩 xxx
Oh my gosh! I am so sorry 😣 That must be so hard! I hope you and your family is doing alright and I’ll be praying for you 💕 I’m here for you
Also this is absolutely stunning 🤩
this is beautiful! same messsage I gave you last time, I’m so sorry :(
OMG IM SO SRY ABT IR MUM....i hope ur doing well and this is stunning
np! and thank you! also, you might wanna update your bio since you’re back! just letting you know!
i’m so so sorry to hear about your mom, i rlly hope you’re doing ok💕
hey sarah, are you up for a collab? if you don’t feel like collabing, I totally understand. I won’t take it personally :)
either part is fine idm :)
ok! and sure, it can be Christmas!
ahhhhh ur amazing thsi is gorgeous 😍😍
Ahhh Ok! Glad to hear that!
new post ✨
omg you inspire me for so long
oh haha 😂
omg prayers for u!
Aw, I’m so sorry girly🤍🖤
take all the time you need! I know you’re going through a lot, and I want to give you as much time as you need.
take time ❤️❤️❤️ i love this collage and you and am sorry abt your mom ❤️
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this is gorgeous and i’m so sorry about your mom 🤧😢 i’m here for you if you ever want to talk!! 💕
here’s the finished collab! lmk what you think!
do you wanna post tomorrow?
omggg I'm sooo sorry to hear about that are you okay :( I lost my unle recently too, but I'm soso sorry about your mom and from now on I'll always wear a mask!! I really hope your doing okay I'just so so sorry for your loss pls pls pls lmk if you need to talk bc I want to help you tysm for your sweet comments it means a lot!! lysm girlie -Jane
maybe in the morning? what time works for you?
um...I’m not awake during that time, and 8-9 I’m on a walk with my dog, so how about sometime between 9 and 10?
meh. right now my motivation has been so low. I don’t know, but how are you doing? I don’t like talking about myself too much 😅
are you ready to post?
omgg i love you sooo muchh!! and I wanted to wish you a merry christmas or anything else you might celcbrate!! I truly hope you have the best winter break everr!! and just wanted to let you know all i wanted for christmas is you girlie!! tysm for being your amazing self!! I hope I can still talkk to you after my break form pc!! lysmm gilriee
I’m so sorry, just know that when you pick up posting again your collages are very pretty💕
ur collages are so pretty!✨how?:)
hi your collages are beautiful
your collages are beautiful wanna be friends?
Hi - don't mean to disturb but i am aiming to get 25 or more ! it would mean a lot to me if you follow but if your not sure come check it out and enjoy 👻❤️