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lance: hello there
lance: my name is lance
lance: i kinda know some people
lance: there all kinds of people out there just gitta go and introduce ur self
lance: sure then i can introduce you to rosie she the main person in charge here
lance: ok hold on ( rosie is my main oc i made her first she the og 😂) rosie: Hi there names Rosestta Cheney everyone calls me rosie
Rosie : oh my irene your so sweeeet
Rosie : aw you have to meet my daughter bella
Rosie: oh its fine here * gets bella*
bella: h-hello * smiles and waves hi* rosie: thank you
bella: Hello mrs.skylar
bella: oh sorry * smiles * wanna play hide and seek
bella: YAY imma hide u count
bella:* counts to thirty*