Collage by tropical_lazza


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I will miss u
I may have to eliminate u from my games though !
round 2 is out for my color games!!!!
🧡 HEY THERE! I just wanted to remind you that you have EXACTLY 3 days to submit your entries for my contest! Please enter, I don’t want to have to eliminate you! TYSM ~Mary11am 🧡
⚠️⚠️❗️HEY THERE!!! PLEASE READ THIS! The due date for for ROUND ONE is TOMORROW! If you do not submit your entry, unfortunately, you will be eliminated! BEST OF LUCK! { if you can enter please do. I really don’t want to have to eliminate you!} ONLY 2 PEOPLE FROM YOUR TEAM WILL BE ABLE TO GO THROUGH TO ROUND 2! CAN IT BE YOU? ENTER TO FiND OUT! ❗️⚠️⚠️
hi i just wanted to let you know that the deadline for your team is only in 4 days, if u do not post your collage by the 1st of Feb, you will be eliminated from the winter contest. Enter soon to win many prizes and goodluck 😘👍🏼🎉
hi awesome collager , please enter for your team , the due date is only in two days and unfortunately if u do not enter by the 1st of Feb , you will be eliminated from the contest, so please enter soon to grab your prizes ❗️❗️😘❤️