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Baby ❤
baaabyyy❤️ you should be here ❤️ has chips and just sitting here doing English ❤️
Lol I wish baby ❤❤
well I miss you ❤️
if I don’t reply right away I’m writing baby❤️
Ok baby ❤❤
I just want you ❤️ god baby I’m a lil lovey ❤️
Well maybe I'll go over tomorrow ❤
you should ❤️
Maybe we'll see❤
I hope so I miss you ❤️
I miss u to ❤
shhh don’t judge I’m lovey I miss you ❤️
and I’m tired and tryna get homework down like mew I miss my baaaabyyyy❤️❤️
Wanna now something baby??❤❤ I thought it was cool ❤
what baby?❤️❤️
So back in "The good old days" apparently the man is considered hers if she can rip the wrangle badge off the pants😂❤❤
omg 😳❤️❤️ I probs can’t lol❤️ I’m too weak ❤️
tired baby?❤️
Well u probably could honestly ❤❤
Not really baby ❤
I’m a lil weak baby❤️
Well the strings r so thin you'll probably be able to❤
lord okay baby ❤️
I’m getting a lil tired kinda debating on going to bed ❤️
Would u go nuts if I wore Wranglers and had a Wrangler but??❤❤
Yea u can go to bed baby❤❤
umm hełl yes I would baby damñ 🤤❤️❤️❤️ you already have a nice aśs I drool over ❤️❤️❤️
okay I might baby I’m a lil tired ❤️
I’m not wearing pants 😊
Oh ik u drop over my big but😘❤ and yea u can go to bed baby ❤
Lol ok baby ❤
hey I like your aśs ❤️❤️
okay baby I’ll txt you when I wake up I loves youuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
And I like urs ❤
Love u to ❤
Baby ❤
Hey I'ma take a shower I love u❤😊❤❤
hey baby sorry I set my alarm for 6:10 just to get a couple extra mins of sleep ❤️ hurry up I lovesss youuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I'm out love u to ❤❤
mew baby❤️❤️❤️ I was making a sandwich or I was gonna and we had no lunch meat wth 😔😔
you should bring Doritos baby ❤️
I'll try and bring a sandwich ❤❤❤
okay ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I brought ruffles but Doritos sound hełla good too ❤️
Lol ok baby❤❤
I found out bo bo likes cheese ❤️
Lol well hope he's not lack toast 😂❤❤
lactose?❤️ lol he’s not baby ❤️❤️
You'll find out later huh😂❤
probably 😳❤️❤️❤️
baaaaby ima get ready to go okay hey I fxcking loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Love u to ❤❤
Michelle texted back
God she's a bxtch
I'll show u what she said tomorrow
okay baby
sorry washed my hair while I was at it ❤️ god I was thinking and I rly hope Taylor like doesn’t get mad god idk baby I kinda over thought in general while in the shower 😩
So idk if Im being a dxck will just show u and she might not sit by u in math no more
Don't over think it's fine Taylor hasn't read the message
well I’m not just thinking about her I mean a little bit but just kinda thinking
What r u thinking about???
idk just stuff ig
just overwhelmed a lil just like idk ik I should forget about her but the shxxt Michelle says idk kinda gets to me a lil
I mean it shouldn’t but idk just kinda irritates me I can’t fxcking stand up for myself I don’t have the balls to stand up for myself 😔
Well u shouldn't have balls bit hey it's fine I can text her for u it doesn't bother me👶❤❤
it’s fine baby just like I wish I would tell her to stop to be quiet and leave me alone and I wish I could just say no but idk I like can’t I just can’t Idk I hate it I have to always have someone do it for me 😔
Well ur ready everything tomorrow ❤
okay 😩❤️ just Idk baby I feel like it’s my fault 😔 you’re right I’m too nice I help her and let her use my papers in class sometimes just to like help her with the problem 😔 ugh I kinda think it’s my fault Michelle is like this too me cuz I’m too nice and let her 😔
Can I kill this bxtch
wth did she say???
cuz if she’s gonna be bxtchy to you I might kill her or get fxckin pxssedn
She keeps talking and saying how u laugh with her and she thinks we're madly in love and she wants to have a baby with nos and she goes back to u
So that make almost 100 bxtchs that told me there crying
that’s fxcking stupid
She said she'll leave u alone 😳😳
I don’t fxcking laugh around with her I’ll like do that play along thing that I do with the girls in our class just keep my mouth shut and be nice but not like no fxcking no
she’s crying?
and did you say she wants to have a baby with ignocio?
Sent a thumbs up hopefully she'll throw her phone
I think some of the shxxt that comes out of her mouth is bull shxxt
Yea you'll read it tomorrow and yea she's crying
or all of the shxxt that comes out of her mouth
Ik it is and btw she thought u was texting for the longest time
god I’m sorry you had to deal with her baby I should’ve just told her to fxck off myself I’m sorry 😩
Oh its fine I kept my chill its fine. I almost yelled at her but I didn't cause I'm nice😂😂😂
god and she wants to have a baby with nos
how is that smart he’s 18 and she’s what 16? he’s a lil too old for her and fxckin a baby?? she’s way littler than I am and ignocio is a lot bigger than her like that won’t turn out
Yea she would have killed it
lord baby just feel a little bad for having you handle my problems 😩❤️
That won't turn out what do u mean??
Babe she's on birth control thank god
having a baby doesn’t make you “cool” and that’s probably why she wants a baby now is cuz everyone is talking to me and about me nonstop about the baby and me being pregnant like seriously? you want to get pregnant with a guys baby who cheated on you just for the attention? that’s a life long commitment my god
like it won’t turn out like she could die the baby could die something could go wrong and she wouldn’t be a good mother she’s way too caught up in herself and pot she won’t have time for a baby in her life
she automatically assumed I was on birth control and called me stupid for not taking the pill like ummm I was never on birth control because I didn’t fxck 500 guys like michelle thank you very much...
sorry I vented a little 😳
I'm glad ur not on birth control
mew how about we cuddle baby I’m hella tired and just want you here and wanna forget anyone else exists okay😩❤️
Baby everything is fine I promise next person I gotta talk to is Jade😡
jade has Facebook too... but wait on her please cuz ik I’m not gonna hear the end of it you gotta do it on Friday or some if you’re gonna talk to her baby okay?
I wish we could sleep together right now😩❤️
I’m hella tired baby slowly falling asleep and I just want you nxt to me 😩❤️
Y baby what wrong?❤
just tired and miss you and I feel a little bad for having you deal with and fix my problems
Well babe I'm ur boyfriend I'm suppose to help
ik baby ik just don’t want it to make you made or stress you out okay?😩❤️
baby are you tired??😩❤️
It's not I'm not stressed or mad❤ I'm just worried about u
We can go to bed if u wanna
ik baby ik your protective and no one seems to realize that ❤️
I’m just a lil tired if you wanna go to bed ❤️
Yea let's go to bed❤
U wanted me to tell her remember and yea I kinda wanted to tell her
okay baby ❤️ I’ll txt you when I wake up baby I lovesss youuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ik and I just mew I loves you a lot baby ❤️
Love u to ❤
U awake?❤
baaaaby my phone is being a lil mental idk about yours 😳😩❤️
Nah mine isn't
oh I had to get my mom’s phone out as a hotspot for my phone to even work 😳😳
What baby??❤
I'ma take a five minute shower baby lol love u❤❤
loves you toooo❤️
baby ima jump in the shower ❤️
hey baaaabyyy I gotta come home after school can you come over?? I feel weird btw had to get rid of the belly fluff cuz I have to wear that dress tomorrow 😳❤️
Baby I'ma vent for a minute ok❤ so baby I have been thinking about a lot of shxxt and I'ma vent since I haven't done it in a while😔❤ baby I wish my family didn't abandon us I was hoping they would have been supportive and actually wanna help out but they abounded us and my grandma has been a talk with few works and idk i was hoping better put of them then this and I have been thinking a lot about Richard sorry but I have I don't now what he would have thought about this and how he feels about it I wish he was here to see the baby😔❤ I miss Richard a lot I want him to see nugget but he cant I wish he didn't pass I wish he could have held my child in his arms I just baby I'm starting to cry sorry but I am😢 u want cuddles baby😢❤ I need a hug😢❤
Sorry wrong time to vent but ifk we'll see if I can go over
Wish u didn't have to wear a dress but ok❤
hey baby it’s okay ❤️ ik how you feel baby I’m sorry 😔 I mean I understand kinda like I wish Austin could’ve saw our baby but it’s okay I promise baby okay I promise ❤️
I had a middle name for a boy I liked if we named our kid Braxton but I’ll tell you later or tomorrow rn isn’t a good time
no it’s okay to vent baby it’s fine okay ❤️
keep venting if you want baby ❤️
i mean I started to cry earlier so ima not judge don’t worry ❤️
Nah it's fine ❤
you’re sure?❤️
Yea it's fine it's not the right time rn u gotta get ready for a concert tomorrow
I will make time for you baby and honestly there’s nothing I need to do I grabbed a bra spandex and the dress and it’s all out so now I’m sitting in bed talking to you and obviously you need to vent it’s bothering you baby so vent it’s okay ❤️ I like you telling me these things just for one makes me feel special you vent to me and you worry me sometimes you need to get this stuff out okay ❤️
Idk I'ma feel weird cause it's going to be about me
hey I vented about me and Taylor earlier which you listened to and you watched me fight with Michelle and watched me txt Taylor off YOUR phone, and I always vent to you about my problems so you venting is okay baby❤️ don’t feel weird ❤️
Ugh ok baby ❤
Well ig back to Richard I have been thinking a lot about him today I seen a Dodge firebird same car he had and I wanted it and baby I started thinking about Richard and I wish he was here to see my child my baby and my uncle Steven I want my child to be around them and watch Duck Dynasty with uncle Steven and make forts with Richard Sause I didn't know him well but I wish I new him better and my family abandon us and I wanted to move down there to my family that's 6 feet under and that's still here but they abounded us and my grandpa Bob baby I miss him so much him with older kids was amazing I wanted my child to be with my grandpa Bob and be raised around his farm and see what it was like when I younger when we went on his property babe I can't I can't I gotta stop
baby why do you need to stop? it’s just me okay ❤️ hey we aren’t completely abandoned baby I mean I think Richard and everyone is looking down on our baby rn and looking down at you okay and smiling ik you miss them baby ik you do it’s okay thought it’ll be okay I promise ❤️ we are gonna raise our baby right and even though our baby can’t grow up around them it’ll be okay they are looking down at you rn and they will look down at our baby and watch our baby grow up okay he will see our baby just from a different place okay ❤️
I’m not gonna make this about me but ik a little bit what you feel like I’ve only lost one family member but ik my memories with Austin were amazing growing up and I wish he could hold our baby and our child could grow up with him a part of our baby’s life but just like Richard and them baby he’s watching okay I promise ❤️
I stopped cause the more I talked the more I cried but idk babe I just it's one of those night I would go to the Richards or Stevens or Grandpa Bob's grave site and talk and like talk to them😢❤❤
Just yea if god now's we love them then y would they take them away from us? He new we had a child on the way apparently but he had to take family 😡😢❤
ik baby ik 😔❤️ hey it’s just me I’m not gonna judge if you wanna keep going you can it’s okay ❤️ if not that’s okay too ❤️ god you’re gonna get emotional and ima get a lil like full hearted almost and get a lil like emotional too half from hormones half just I understand kinda thing but if you wanna keep talking baby it’s okay ❤️
ik it’s hard baby it’s hard ik just gotta try and think the good okay just they are all watching over you and they will all watch over our little baby growing up okay it’s okay baby I promise ❤️
hey it’s not gods fault baby okay it was their time baby everyone has that time when they have to leave and ik it sucks I mean Austin was taken at 17 then my great grandma then Brandon and it keeps going my other great grandma is getting ready to leave but it’s not gods fault baby it’s just their time okay everyone is watching I promise okay they are going to watch our little family grow it’s okay baby I promise ❤️
Just babe idk I wanna like feel there huges again and I wanna see them but idk😢
Y can't they watch physically
ik baby ik I’m sorry 😔😔
I'm afraid there all up there sinning us rn😢
can you promise me something?
What babe??😢
no they aren’t baby I promise you that okay ❤️ family may not be happy with our decisions but they still love us okay they still love you I promise okay they are watching you I promise ❤️
for one, you’re going to love this baby okay? we’re gonna give our baby a good life no matter what baby we’re going to move and get married and have a good life and we’ll always have support from those watching over us okay?❤️ and just whenever you think about Richard baby, I want you to tell me just I want to help and talk to you and I can’t do that unless you tell me these things okay baby?❤️
Ok babe😢❤
no matter what baby okay?
Yea promise
are you okay baby?
be honest please ❤️
Yea I'm ok with that
physically and mentally are you okay?
like is everything okay baby ik it’s bothering you but are you just okay?
Yea I stopped crying
you’re not okay
im just I’m sorry baby 😔
It's fine babe
anything else you wanna talk about? I’m not even gonna being anything about me up it’ll just be about you tonight okay ❤️
Just need a hug😢❤ but either then that I'm ok
ik I wish I could hug you 😔kinda want a hug too but ima not admit if I’m even tearing up or not cuz ima just blame It on hormones for rn since it’s about you not me ❤️
Ur thi king about Austin baby ik and tonight no it's not all about me
you need some sleep baby you need to just clear your mind and sleep... it’s getting late we both need some sleep you need it more than me and nugget right now ❤️
well Austin kinda came into mind then my great grandma that’s dying rn but mainly Austin but I’m fine I’m worried about you
No u guys need sleep I can't sleep
Babe ur thinking about more then I am so can u vent??
you need to try please I need you to try and sleep for me please
U need to sleep ur pregnant and need 8hpurs of sleep
nothing to really vent about... I mean kinda feel the same you do just kinda wish our baby could’ve grown up with Austin in their life but it can’t happen I already know this kinda wish he could’ve held our baby and our baby could’ve grown up with memories with Austin like the ones I have but even if he was still here it probably wouldn’t have happened either way ig he started to change a lot before he died
I need 10 hours but 8 is enough especially for tonight
really wish Rylan could be involved but he can’t I wish but he can’t
Can u go to bed baby??❤
I’m not super tired but only if you try to go to bed too like shut your eyes and don’t open them until you fall asleep
I'm sorry baby❤ see u was thinking and hey we wish bit ig we'll see them eventually
If u try I'll try❤
ik I kinda haven’t thought about Austin and the baby until now... kinda miss those memories when I was little when we were out at my grandparents house looking for pellets he shot that he was collecting so he could reshoot them since he ran out
and the time dumb aśs Rylan stepped on a bees nest and we lost our fish we had caught me him and Austin... then Austin yelling at us to run lord that was funny
Something my brother would do
okay maybe I was thinking a little but just I want our child to grow up with memories like that just outside doing things 4wheelers and being outside without phones like that kind of childhood is what I want our baby to have
It will
hey I remember that day too... I was wearing these light blue shorts and me and lily went swimming in the water hole down by the creek while laughing at Rylan and Austin tryna catch tadpoles and then Austin had to come save our aśses cuz it was deep and we couldn’t swim worth shxxt... I stained those shorts with moss and I still have those shorts and they still have the stain... then we went down the creek and went fishing and on the way home me and Rylan we’re talking about 10 ft behind the group and he stepped on a nest and he dropped the fishing pole and we ran
that was a good day I saw Rylan cry for once lol he was only 15 then I think maybe 16
or he was like 14
okay sorry mew done venting this isn’t about me you wanted to vent it’s not about me sorry new
if I try and go to sleep will you try please?❤️
Nah it's fine babe lol keep those memories for nugget
I'll try❤
yea baby.. I mean shxxt Austin was 15 when that happened cuz that was the last time I saw him
which means Rylan was 13?? I think maybe turning 14
okay let’s both try to sleep baby okay?❤️
Lol good memories babe
Ok babe love u❤
I loves you too baby❤️❤️
Baby im awake ❤
hey baby I just woke up ❤️
baby could you maybe bring food today?❤️
baaaaby are you there ❤️
Sorry I fell back asleep ❤ but idk I might bring food
you should I’m hungry ❤️
I'll try ❤
I don’t have to take a nausea pill today ❤️
Ur actually feeling good today??
yes I am❤️
That's good
yea ❤️ just rly tired ❤️
yea❤️baby ima get ready to go okay I loves you ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Loves u to❤
babe you kinda like hurt me
idk I’m just Idk what you want anymore and idk what I want 😔 I want you but it gets hard and being with your baby... that scares me I don’t wanna lose you but we can’t NOT fight over stupid little shxxt we gotta fix it and if we don’t Idk what we’re gonna do😔 sitting here with music in tears babe sometimes it’s hard to know you care like just you show no emotion you get stubborn and just shxxt just gets rly hard with you 😔😔 Idk just wanna cry and disappear 😔
ignore me ig ignore what I say just idk
Hwy ik today's been shxxt but let's make this night count❤ it's our anniversary let's make it count ❤