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your lying
why are you assuming these stupid things
I don’t hate you
and I love and miss you
I think about you all the time . I dream about you . I love you . your the highlight of my life and I hate it that I betrayed you Peytiekins.
oh my god
yeah keep reminding me of what a bad person I am
hey. - j
I don’t hate you Peytiekins.. if I did I wouldn’t of called you that. and I’m doing good but , sad at the same time . how are you doing?
:,) hello x
oh aha am i really? twins
i'm going to call you pay bby :,)
okay well how's it going x
no no it's fine, nothing scares me at this point in life anymore aha
welp talk to me about it hun x
oh whale what would you like to know?
well pay bby i'll have you know i am a certified shiiibasket ;))
aw bet we can be shiibaskets together
no ma'am 😂
definitely x
same here, fist bump 👊🏼
oh my goodness you are so adorable i cannot stop looking at this picture, y'all this my friend here x
gosh we should, i have three accounts but no mic :(( very unfortunate, what's your gamer tag though?
here i'll try to add you when i get on later, my gamer tag is sorry-cheerio
oh that's fine, one of mine might play as well. we can have a whole squad :,) so glad you actually play
you are very adorable miss
hey :)
tired lol hbu