Collage by YellowHearts


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hi i’m olive
hi hi I’m Alexia
i’m alright
hey im Maddy
smiles up at u- love the curls hun
not much, I’m bored and have nothing to do... just the usual
I’d love that very much sir. So tell me, what do you have in mind?
oh thanks -smiles and rubs my arm- how bout i get dressed and we can do somethin?
ohhh a walk sounds pretty good right now
alright cool gemmi like 5 minuites -gets up outta bed and gets dressed throwing my hair in a messy bun and puts in my contacts and brushes my teeth
pops back out in a black crop top and ripped jeans- alright im ready
nods and bounces on my toes- yep im ready
*nods my head and grabs my phone, walking towards the door*
where are we going? -giggles getting in the car- are you kidnapping me!?!
then where we goin? -laughs
mmm i could eat -giggles
do i like popeyes? baby im from louisiana. i love popeyes
-laughs softly and looks out the window-
im not a psychopath. who even eats mild?
giggles and sings quietly to the radio-
hits the highnote then turns and looks at the menu- mmmmmmm im so hungry -my tummy growls-
mmmmm yummy
mmm i think i want chicken strips and mashed potatoes. spicy tho.
we totally should. heard they were good
completely up to u -slides my debit card in ur hand-
park it is then -smiles excited-
mmmm it smells so good -giggles excited-
thank you mister *smiles and walks out, glancing around*
smiles looking out the window-
yay!!!! we're here!!! -gets out grabbing the food-
giggles- comeeee onnnnn!!!! hurry up slow poke!!
giggles and sits taking out food-
your welcome -giggles
soooo *smiles a little as I start walking with you* tell me some stuff about you, I’m curious
mhm sure *nods my head as I walk* what’s your favorite song?
sounds pretty good to me *nods a bit*
mmhm that does sound like a good idea hehe
ohhh mister’s a musician *laughs a little looking at you* that’s pretty cool. I’d love to hear you play
hey anyone, I’m Mason
hey i’m kayla
i’m doing good how bout u
yeah same would u like to do something sir?
hey again :) /Maddy
nothing much u?
wish i was bored...
i have alot to do
sighs- idk
hi hi I’m trinity
okay okayyy...
sighs and nods-
I’m good :) how are u?
same tbh :( wanna do something?
*thinks* we can go to the park?
*smiles and opens the door for u* after you
*smiles* thank u sir *gets in*
*sings quietly*
*glances over at u*
*smiles and listens*
Hello anyone, I'm Josh.
hi I’m Brooklyn