Yep, definitely deleting this later.  😂don’t really know what else to say here since I think I covered everything in the main text.

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🙃tap🙃 Yep, definitely deleting this later. 😂don’t really know what else to say here since I think I covered everything in the main text.

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I disagree with you, but why is there even hate in the first place? Wouldn’t you be sad to leave your friends on Pic Collage? Hate is a huge problem on the internet, I can see why people want to leave. It’s because some people are depressed or suicidal. Hate is bringing them down. I know you’ve never experienced hate, so I understand how you can think this. I’ve never had a hatepage.
I️ agree with this!!!
YES THANK YOU!!! This is literally PC and I don't understand why everyone is so emotional and dramatic about minor things. Even if you look at the hate pages themselves they aren't even that big of a deal. It's just a bunch of dumb kids throwing around playground insults. The hate on this site from how I see it in comparied to others is minor and I just don't see the big deal. But at the same time there are a lot of sensitive younger kids on here, so to an extent I can understand. Idk I guess it's weird being 15 on here when the majority of the people actually on here are between like 7-13
It needed to be said! 💕😂
OMG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEBODY TO SAY THIS. people say that like their “best friends” are on here, but that really says something, if your only friends are online. I mean, I love pic collage and my friends on here, but it’s not like pic collage is my life. I don’t care if you get hate on this rant, because it is 100% true. everything thinks that all of this hate on here is some big deal, but honestly, it doesn’t matter. you don’t even know the haters and shouldn’t be dramatic, so thank you for pointing this out. FINALLY
Yw it has honestly been getting really annoying 🙄 I️ might need to take a break but only because I am getting really busy
I pretty much agree, but you know, for some people it's hard to make friends. it's easier to on the Internet (I'm one of these people lol😂). This has been needed!!!
Yeah that's true!!! 😂
yessssss I know! when I leave, it’ll be because of school or just because I’ll grow out of it. not because some 3rd trader tells me that I can’t make collages, because I honestly don’t care if people don’t like my collages. it’s sooooo annoying when people are sooooo dramatic about that kind of stuff
*grader not trader😂
100% man, I've also noticed complaining about hate also gets you attention as well, so it's also sort of a sick manipulative way to get followers. But again reasons are all over the place. I low-key just wish people could make collages and not make a massive deal about hate or friend drama because at this point it's just irritating
Yeah, I don't have an issue with internet friends, but if I do ever decide I want to be friends with someone I often switch platforms due to the little interaction and a lot of mystery there is with people on here. That being said I have formed very real friendships and bonds with people online, PC just isint really the site for that, especially with the lack of transparency and communication.
YUP😱😱😱😂 btw fancy signature srsly u don’t want to see mine😂
it’s like just my name and some dots and lines😂
i disagree with you, but i respect your opinion. look, hate really does hurt, i’ve never really experienced hate but i know it hurts, a lot. i don’t know if you have experienced hate, and i’m not going to assume. also, i don’t think they’re being dramatic. they really mean what they say, at least most do. pc is different for everyone. for some people, it’s just an app that you share your talent with people. but for others, it’s much much more. like me for example, i’ve made friends on here that mean so much to me, and i’m not joking about this. those friends have made me so much happier than before. i know i’ve never met them irl but idk it’s just internet friends and internet friends can sometimes be better than friends irl. okay i’m going off topic i think lol. oh and people not only leave because of the hate online, they may have so much more happening in their lives, and you don’t know that, so you probably shouldn’t assume. okay this is probably really long lol i also probably don’t make sense HAHA
i agree with you, everyone is so dramatic and they don't even stay to see if there speech had any affect on us.
and all the friend drama... BARF keep it away from PC we don't want to have to listen to you and some other girls fight ya know?
exactly it's really annoying
yeah your point on the hate on pc is true but idk maybe like i said some of them are going through tough times irl idk. i respect your opinion on giving a speech on leaving, and i’m not going to “fight” you or anything (lmäo i really don’t make any sense) also, on your friends getting hate online and stuff, hope everything gets better! 💗
This was the reason why I wanted
to leave in the first place. I'm sick
of all the drama. Also, another personal
omg lol no it’s really bad😂
reason, but I agree with this and disagree
at the same time🙃
I agreeish! is that a word (no) anyways, people also leave bc they feel they “shouldn’t be on their phone so
much” and I’m just like girrrrl u don’t need to delete a pc account for that reason! just do what I do which is
go on every morning and evening!!
but their is no reason to hate. not saying it’s ever going to be perfect but we don’t need hate. we should have hate. I kinda agree/ disagree with parts of this such as it’s just a app. like yeah it’s an app but even if you don’t know the person in rl you can still make a bond with them because you can find friends that share interests. but yes some people are dramatic like can’t you just block the person/ hate ?
we shouldn’t have hate.*
but I do respect your opinion