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aww I'm glad PC inspired you to do digital art! I wish you the best of lick with it and the rest of your art!
awwww this is so cute! also amazing work!
I'm so glad that PC helped you get inspired! Keep working on your amazing designs bc I would love to see more!
I am so excited to see it all! ur so talented and I’m glad PC was a good place for you to hone your craft💗
omg wow that’s so amazing how PC has allowed you to get inspired!! and yess i grée with @DreamChaser you can most definitely become a professional🥰
Ah I’m so excited for this all! Was this the great news?! This is amazing stuff here! You will do great in Studio Art!
ooh that's super cool! you should definitely pursue your artistic side because all the creations of yours I've seen on pc are absolutely incredible 🧡
I love everything on your redbubble!!!! you should be proud of all the amazing art you’re making. and I’m so glad that youve been inspired by pc and by the people on it💗
I need that ¿porque no los dos? sticker