Collage by -bubblebliss-

750x750 -bubblebliss-

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Hey! This is my favorite collage I HAVE EVER MADE cause it has so many little details but at the same time it’s all put together nicely, it’s very pattern-filled which makes the collage look like it’s more out together. Also, the background is very trendy, which makes it pleasing to the eye(aesthetic), and the quote goes with the background which gives the entire thing a meaningful thought to it. Sorry for the long comment😂 um so I have more to say... also doing those little dots TAKE FOREVER AHHH and there are more than 50 scraps which is hard to do when your trying to make your collage look organized and fitting and not jumbled up. That’s why this is my ALL TIME FAVORITE collage.😅😉💗
(also nice color scheming😉😉)
ok! tysm and good luck!😉💓