Collage by cool60


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tysm 💜💜
Great message!! ❣️💪
yeah np!! i love your account
well usually for collabs I just do half and the other person does half? I’m not sure if you’ve ever made like a complex edit lol (: have you?
no but this will be the last one make as I’m moving
I think iv always done the pics and the other does the quotes and font work. is that how it is ?
Aww sure, how have you been?! 💙
that is so awesome that you are so passionate about making collages, it’s very rare that you find someone that doesn’t care about features or being most popular, you’re just doing what makes you happy. your account is amazing and I’m so glad that I’ve found your account! keep doing what you’re doing!💕
thank you. yes I do post what I am passionate about. I love pc and all of my art is also from my heart. so happy you like it❤️
thanks for the likes
Thank you ❤️
thank you so much!