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You're so cute🥺🥺
-closes my eyes and grips the sheets- Mmm
-tries to holds in my cxm but releases a lot- O-oh
-pushes my hips back and lets out small whimpers as my thighs begin to tremble-
-grips the sheets tightly and continues to cxm-
-moans louder with each thrust and throbs around you-
-moans- Ahh
-lets out soft whimpers now as I continue to drip-
-keeps my legs up and watches you-
-lays my head back and shakes a bit-
-shivers slightly-
-giggles soft and kisses you-
I love you too baby
-cuddles close to you-
I was eating a cookie!
-giggles and places a light kiss on your lips before getting up and turning the lights on--gets dressed- Okayy
-puts on sweats along with a t-shirt but nothing under- Hmm
Where's my ring? -looks around-
My ring.. -points to my index finger on my right hand- I always wear it.. I don't remember taking it offf
-looks around-
Oh thank you baby -smiles and puts it on-
Talk about what.. -looks at you-
You wouldn't like it
Mm if I tell you, please don't look at me differently
I was engaged before... Uh and he died in a car accident
-hugs you- It's okay..
-looks up at you before looking at my shaking hand- I should have told you
-holds your shirt tightly-
-lets out a soft sigh-
-takes a deep breath-
Just a bit longer -continues hugging-
-gasps- Popeyes!
-grabs my phone- Come on
-puts a hoodie on-
Of course -goes to you with a smile-
-skips a little and kisses you all over-
-smiles and places a light kiss on your lips-
-kisses you back with a smile-
Noo -pulls you back and continues kissing-
-runs my tongue along yours and keeps my eyes closed/
Mm -sits in your hands while sxxking your tongue-
-blushee and continues-
-slips a hand under your shirt and continues-
-pulls back from your lips and slowly kisses along your cheek and jaw-
-leaves small marks and leans back to admire -
-looks at you with a smile- I'll be with you forever
-blushes and turns my head to the side as I scan the room- What do you want to do?
Also, I have some- Exciting? News
Well I hope you're excited
I'm pregnant:)
Yes! -lets out a happy laugh and holds on to you-
-smiles at the sight of your tears and hugs you tightly-
I love it -smiles and holds you-
Ewww babyy -shakes my head in disapproval and smiles-
Me too🥺 -smiles-
-smiles as well- God I love you
Now that's just impossible
-blows my cheeks and holds my ears-
Ummmm I'm not -giggles and hides from the camera-
No never
I love you❤️ x
I hope you know that’s not his real name
and he isn’t 20