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what's a gender
oh! thanks i got it now
like as in your bi ?
oooohhhhhh! i am learning so much from you
oh naaaa
just do it on here haha
y lol?
i’m ugly too sooo
wanna rp
do u wanna do it now ??
mmmmmm yeah i am
do u want me to make a chat page for us xx
if u say so
I only have this,, we don’t have to rp if u don’t want to tho
it’s fine, we don’t have to do it. I guess I can find someone else..
okay babe
I call every1 babe btw,, I can stop if u want me to tho x
do u want me to make a chat for us x
okay x
done. xx
I answered on the chat page
u there ??
thanks for following me
psh funny joke
*playfully pushes u*
mHm sure
do u want to rp
follow me
Hello anyone I’m tiana