holaaa! sorry I haven’t posted in while, schools keeping me really busy :( how’s everyone’s day? ❤️ QOTD: anyone know what sourire mean? (it’s on the bottom right corner of the collage?
AOTD: I’m asking you!!💓☺️


holaaa! sorry I haven’t posted in while, schools keeping me really busy :( how’s everyone’s day? ❤️ QOTD: anyone know what sourire mean? (it’s on the bottom right corner of the collage? AOTD: I’m asking you!!💓☺️

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AOTD: smile in French
Good thanks. What bout you?
AOTD: nope 😂
ahh tysm! so are you, this is amazing! 💫🌸🌿✨
check my acc...😞srry
AMAZING // AOTD: something in French?
aotd: no idea haha 😛 gorgeous!
love this!!💕
omg this is so amazing 😍
Love thissss❤️ AOTD: a smile? in French?
fjdjskksks tysm! thanks so much for organizing the games, they were SO fun 💕
aotd: smileeee 😊
@caption dudeee don’t worry about not posting! school’s really time consuming, we all know (unfortunately 😂) and we all get that you’ve been busy. my first day was today and i’m exhausteddddd
thank you! 💓
thanks love!
thank you 💕
SO PRETTY! also I don’t have the Brains to know what that word means 😂 *asks Dr Google*
Thank you so so much! I can’t believe I got one!
teach me a tutorial how to be like you on pic collage
no problem
Hey! This is BE_UN1QUE, but I made another account for contests! 😯 You’re collages are so amazing and yore such an amazing person! 😘 So I need you to come check out this account!!! 😅 Thx! -PicCollage_Contests
aw thx! hru btw?
A// IT MEANS SMILE IN FRENCH (sorry for caps... Yo Im actually part french😆) Can you speak french?
YAYA! Bonjour
Oh my! That’s pretty funny!
Oo la la! so foncaay!
(Ik I spelt fancy weirdly)
omg your collages look amazingly! 😻
aw thanks honey! you're so sweet 💖
Ooh I never knew that!!
ahh.. thank you so much!💕😊
haha girl I wish I was in France 😂😂
I literally just know “bonjour”, “oui”, and “Viva la France” ..😂😂I take Latin so I hardly know any haha
thank you! This is so cute 💕
oh cool! and trust me latin is super boring be glad you’re taking French 😂
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This is one of my favourite collages from you!! xx
AOTD: It's French for Smile :). I'm currently taking a French course at school.
love this! 💞
also, my Pinterest is wanderingdreamsss
tysm! this is amazing tooo!
hey, oml that’s so niceeeee ahhh ily 💕 but i’m actually fine with the icon i have rn, i don’t want you to go to all this trouble to make one and then not even have it used so yah
your review is up
AOTD: It’s smile in French... I think
aw tysm!!
woohoo my school is ok at one subject at least😂
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Hey :) The Floofy Alpacas team still needs a name for your mascot! The chatpages are still up for you and other members to discuss. The final decision should be remixed. -livvi (simplicity--)
thank you!!
awe thank you!
it’s smile/laugh right?
t y s m ! 💓
wanna collab again, I can do whatever is easier for you.
ty! this is gorgeous too!😘💞
thank you!!
thank you!
soo cutee❤️❤️
t y s m ! 💓
thank you so muuuuuch! this is freaking fabulous! AOTD: nope but I'm about to look it up 😂
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hi I am doing a YouTube games please join💛
it's ok I totally understand
thank u❤️
ok so I can do one of two things- I can try to make it a png within Pic collage, but it’d look a bit off, or you could just download the app Word Swag (its free btw) and I could tell you which fonts I used so you could collect it yourself, but it’s up to you. I’m sorry this isn’t working haha😅
the fonts are “wet paint” and “punch out”
so sorry! 😭 the pngs are collectible for me so I thought other people would be able to collect them as well but pc has to be a little freaking brat I guess 😂😂
wait what?! oh my god this is a disaster😂😂😂
I’m so sorry ughhhhh
it used to be free wth
aghhh I feel really bad now im sorryyyy I’ll try to cut it out too
no problem!! again I’m really sorry about the collecting thing😂😂let me know if there are any problems with the new logo and I’ll be happy to fix them for you
yay I’m so glad!!!
thanks! also idk how you do it but all of your collages are beautiful!!
tysmmmm! this is gorgeoussss!
yay! me too!
yes it is!
tysm! 💖
thank you xx