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so I’ll give u a png pack and u give me a png pack?
thank you😂 yeah sure
do you want me to give the png pack to you on your account?
I entered a contest to meet him and walk on the red carpet with him at the Spiderman far from home premier and today’s the day the draw the winner!! I def won’t win lol but I’m still terrified anyway
ya sure
why is everyone chatting in our chat page!?
ikr!! I’ll post the png pack in the remixes on your account
oh lol u should of put it on here lol
I’ll give u one on here
come vote for you favorite collagers now! the faster you vote, the higher chance of you getting a mini-feature is! thanks!
so cute!!
sorry I did it on ur account first
now that we’ve both posted png packs what do we do?
what theme do u wanna do? (sorry I totally forgot about his chatpage)
I was thinking like, paste?
omg not paste I mean pastel lol
lol. When you write paste I was like “What’s she on about?!” 😂 But yeah, I’d love to do pastel theme!
haha, that’s funny, do u have a pastel background we could use? I’ll remix some that I think r cute, then u can remix some as well, and any pastel tumblr girls or like pants we could maybe use, it’s up to u!
*pngs not pants! I hate auto corrections! ughhh lol
lol u should DEFINITELY make the quote
lol that was WAY TOO MUCH TEXT! please just ignore my cringy weird comments, and I don’t blame u if u didn’t read the whole thing
and I don’t have anymore pngs we could use sorry