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OMGGG YOU GOT FEATURED!! Congratulations
this is the best congrats on the feature
omggg so prettyyyy
so prettyyy❤️❤️
it would also mean the world to me if you checked out my account it sort of like a blog haha😂🤪(you don’t have to if you don’t want to)❤️❤️
I’m making custom emojis on my act come check it out!
Hi! sorry for bothering you, but since it’s almost 2019, I decided to make myself a new icon, but I made 3 and I can’t decide which one to do! I need your help. plz take some time to vote in the one you think I should do. tysm! happy new year!! 🎊💜🥳
gorgeous xx
*self-advertising warning* hello you are an amazing collager! I’d love if you’d join my games! First 15 get in so you might like to hurry!
really beautiful
this is so amazing!!!❤️
this is GORGEOUS!!!!! I love it and congrats on the feature you 100% deserve it!
ur collages r sooooo goood!!! I wish I could make collages just as good!!!
amazing 💕
This is AMAZING!!!! You are so Good!!!!
Hey! It’s @2019awards previously known as @the2018awards. The 2019 mini awards are happening right now. The due date is February 3, 2019 but that may change! I hope that you check out the awards and nominate your 10 favorite collagers. - 2019 Awards
Can you guys help me decide which icon to choose for my new icon? Cement on my recent to help me!!! Thx💋
Absolutely beautiful!💕 Hi I’m Serenity and I’m new to piccollage! if you could possibly check out my account that would be greatly appreciated! ❤️❤️ Thanks and good day/night to y’all amazing people!💗💕
soooo amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️
hey I'm having an icon contest and since your collages are gorgeous I was wondering if you could enter!! xx ❤️