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I would never think avocadorable is so mean…
I’m literally crying😭
omg I’m unfollowing them right now
this is downright heartbreaking. id consider this worse than a hatepage. ive lost ALL respect for them and im withdrawing from their contest
they stand up to hatepages yet literally act like a hatepage themselves.
Oh my lord, this is the society we live in ig. I'm not even gonna talk abt how I feel with this whole situation but I am rly upset that she backlashed like that. ^^ and yeah she was part if Team Sonic wasn't she? And this is worse than a h8pg- disgraceful.
WE LOVE YOU SONIC!!!!❤️❤️❤️ I decided to make a… FANPAGEEEE!!!🥳🥳🥳 I just wanted to cheer u up! and show some love!❤️❤️ if you’re reading this comment right now! please please feel better! I don’t like seeing you be sad and everything happening to you! I just COULDNT DO NOTHING!!! ask I did SOMETHING!! i really hope this cheers you up!❤️❤️❤️💕💕💗💗~anonymous
I agree with mon-amour and starsearching!
thats so sweet^^i thank you from the bottom of my heart!!❤️
ofc!!!❤️❤️I’ll be always here if you want to talk!(I would email you but I want to keep my privacy private😉)💗💗🙃 i will never forget you either! I’m so so so glad I made you happy!!😁 if you leave I’m going to miss you so MUCHHH 🥺 and your unique stunning collages that I just loveee will disappear 😔… and all those positive quotes on your photography account they just made my day happier!🤍💕 but they will disappear as well😔… .Know that I’m also here for you! and if you ever decide to come pls pls come and say hi!❤️🥺
Awh..I feel sorry for you! I hope you feel a bit better with a new follower!Also congratulations on 700!🎀👍🏼
Also Avocadorable is a two faced jerk! Don’t listen to her!
But she’s right about the real world.But we’re here for you!❤️❤️👍🏼
I’m sorry all the things you must be going through! To make you feel better just delete that nast fan page of her!👌
first of all, I think it was really mean that Avocadorable said those things in that manner. that was both rude and uncalled for. but honestly you had no right to put their email on your page for everyone to see and comment rude things to avocadorable. like that is also very rude. not to mention that it also has their real name? that’s a complete and total violation of privacy. I suggest you try to patch things up with Avocadorable bc it really will help.
Alr thanks for confirming! I'm sorry this is happening to u, it rly sucks...
i’m really sorry that this is happening but u really wernt very nice tbh
u should’ve blurred the name for privacy!!
I’m unfollowing avocadorable! that is so rude of her and I’m so disappointed in her. please come back we miss you and your amazing collages so much
what ! I have never read something so mean and offensive in my life! you deserve so much better I am blocking this person.
I’m sorry but that’s just too far …
do not listen to her
your an amazing most sweetest and incredibly talented person !!!!
I will miss you so much and I hope you can come back we all love you and will miss you a lot ❤️
please come back
don’t listen to them u are awesome
💋new post💋
don’t listen to them <3 we all have different options and might not agree with others choices but that doesn’t mean this was the right thing for her to do! love you hun <3
also this is autumn-breeze I just changed the name of my account
:C still gone… But if you ever come back…new post<33
did u get hacked?? 🤨
help me i think im having a stroke
im literally so flipping happy 🥹
why!?? that’s depressing ngl :,(
sometimes that caption has something in it? or u need to save the image to ur library and then put it on a different collage and post that? idk 😂
hopefully it works :D
darn… maybe u could try… a different collage? idk 😂
Hey sonic! Yes, I totally agree with most of the people, it's quite upsetting to be getting a nasty, horrid, unpleasant message. We all have opinions and I respect that! Don't let her break you down the dust! 😉 (See what I did) Also, I'm not being rude or anything, but you should've blurred their name, it's privacy, and you just went a bit too far, and didn't blur their name out. But I'm with you, you don't really deserve that message!
wow this is really horrible!