Comment down below your best friends name(s)💓💓

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💓Leah, Selena, Alexa, Kianna and Olivia💓
Hey I was on your account reading and this popped up so Hi
Thanks for this. ✨💛 It’s kind of hard for me to make new friends.
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This is really great advice, I’ve been wanting to make some new friends for a while!
Charlotte, Charlotte, Lily, Kiharna and Sarah
Ooh and Natasha and Kathleen!
this is so helpful thanks!!
thank youuuu
hmm well I recently found out that my “friends” aren’t really my friends so this is really helpful thanks!
and my best friend is probably... Cassie or Maddie
Maia,Coco,Alaii,Suri,Daryl,Maii,Chaéyoung and mine Youngae
ily ur collages really inspire me
I don't really have a best friend currently (I moved 2 yrs ago but still) but some of my close friends were/are Annika, Maggie, Kisella, Alyssa, Kaitlin, Ava, Abby and Melanie❤
But u dont know any of them so it doesnt really matter😂
Hailey is my best friend
lol yea I totally need some more friends I’m like hopelessly shy😂
marina, Meghan, Natalie 💕💕💕
I took this advice and now I have two new friends. My best friends are Izzy, Emma and Hailey.